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At what age should...

June 19th, 2006, 04:08 PM
Meiko recently turned 5 years old, i know its young for a border collie, but i am wondering at what age should they start getting tested for more age related problems?
He has his next annual check up in like 9 months but i want to be prepared and armed with knowlege for it.

As far as kita, being a Rottie/Boxer, I know cancer is a BIG concern for her. She will be 4 in October. What age should she be checked out for this, generally speaking.

I know the questions are a bit premature here , but i want to make sure they have the best health care possible and perhaps certain disorders and such could be caught early.
Thanks everyone in advance

June 19th, 2006, 07:48 PM
First 6 years my dog get annual general wellness exams with bloodtest down from time to time, once 7 years they start getting annual senior bloodpanels with their checkups, then at 10 years and up every 6 months.

Limping and other problems checked out as they crop up. during grooming session you should go thoroughly over your dog looking for lumps and bumps, many cancers are caught this way or by the owner noticing some change in their pets.