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Unruly kitten

June 19th, 2006, 02:53 PM
Hello, I've had several kittens who all turned into loving wonderful friends. Recently, I brought home an adorable kitten who is now about 3 months old. I've never experienced a kitten as active as he is. He bites. He pounces and I know this is normal, but this kitten is over the top. My husband and I are covered with scratches and bite marks.

I can't seem to calm him down. He rarely sleeps. And unlike all of the other kittens before him, we've had to lock him out of the bedroom at night. When I try to calm him down by cuddling him, he tries to nurse on any exposed skin, but his favorite thing is to root around in my hair in search of a nipple--which he will never find. When he does this, I put him down and distract him.

We are home all day and spend time playing with him. He's not ignored. He has a ridiculous number of toys. And we don't play with him with our hands. One good thing: He has let me trim his claws. Thank heavens. But he is just awful. When he gets too wild, I patiently put him down and distract him. But it hasn't helped at all.

Might another kitten help? (I can't imagine how upset the big cat would be if I brought home another monster.)

I am at my wit's end with him. Does anyone have any ideas about calming him down? He is terrorizing my older cat. He's terrorizing us. I am beginning to dispair that I've made a terrible mistake by bringing him into our lives.

Will he be like this forever? Will he ever calm down?

June 19th, 2006, 03:01 PM
Yeh, maybe another kitten would help. They could tire each other out. We got two kittens last summer and they definitely were unruly and rambunctious. But they took it out on each other for the most part. We had some sleepless nights (and still do!). We avoided alot of the annoying (but normal kitten) behaviour that I hear alot of people posting about who only got one kitten. Definitley get another one, for your sanity:D

June 19th, 2006, 04:16 PM
I had a kitten, much like drove me and the Boyfriend up the wall...we finally had him calm down after getting a second kitten...they're a little bit less crazy but they sound like a ton of elephants running around the house! lol

Trust me they will keep themselves quite happily busy! The only issue I'm having right now is a food issue....Leo (the younger one) is the dominant male, while Pawz (older one by a week) is quite submissive. Leo will go over and eat Pawz's food (if fed seperately) or will butt Pawz's head out of the way (if fed together). It drives me nuts, but we're getting the hang of it. :)

If you haven't got them a lazer pointer already I'd suggest doing so. My cats will play and play and play and tumble over each other trying to get this little red dot! It's the best when you make it go up the wall too.