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January 10th, 2004, 07:18 AM
Can anyone help me I have a Samoyed whi is 9 years old. I took him to the vets last week for his booster injection and every since he has been wetting the floor in the nights (which is not like him). He has always drink a lot of water. I asked a friend of mine whos dog is a diabetic could she bring the kit to test my dogs water. We tested it in the afternoon and it turned orange. I know that when you test urine you should do the first one in the morning. Does this mean that my dog is a diebetic. I also had Ketone sticks in the house so the following morning 1st thing i tested hos water but it showed up negitive.

Today my dog has started sneezing, i cannot get him to the vets until Monday, as anyone got any advice.