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Female Dog - Hormones?

January 9th, 2004, 04:13 PM
We have a 8 year old spayed female LAb. The only thing that we have had change in our lives was we moved in July. In the past 1/2 year we have noticed that our dog has been loosing her bladder regularly. For no apparant reason just dribbling or peeing and she didn't even know that she was doing it. It wasn't quite as regular until we moved. She was diagnossed with a bladder infection, treated and it cleared up. For a few weeks she was ok, and then she started to piddle it seeamed when ever she was fully relaxed, or sleeping. somtimes she would piddle a little and most other times it was like she emptied her bladder. Mainly this happened at night or as she was waking up. We tok her in and we were told that she did not have a bladder infection but that she needed hormones to help her regulate her bladder muscles. We have been following the vets advise with the hormones, but there seems to be no regulating this and we are running out of patients. I should mention that we watch how much she drinks, and she will only loos contral when we are home. She does not drink water when we are not home. probably form habit. For example yesterday between 6:30 and 10pm we left her out 4 times, but she also peed in the house 2 times. Can you suggest any other reasons as to why our dog might be doing this?