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Litter box lounging dog???

Lump of Kohl
June 15th, 2006, 11:56 PM
My 10 month old Chi/pom puppy is litter box trained:highfive: (doggie litterbox). When I am away at work he has the patio to play on with a litter box out there. I come home and keep finding an inordinate amount of litter(dog litter is compressed paper pellets) outside of the box:confused: . Well, I put 4 chewy sticks and a Busy Bone out with him today in the hopes that he would chew on that and stop tearing strips of wood off the cabinet I have out there:evil: (the bitter spray is only a mild deterent for him I have found out half a bottle later) and I found 3 chewy sticks and a big space in the litter box where the litter was pushed aside. I changed it this morning so it was freshly done.

Hey! As I am typing it occurs to me that maybe he is trying to bury things in the litter box? He doesn't lay in or dig in the litter box inside and he still does use the bathroom in the one outside...