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Doggy Daycares, whats your view on this?

June 13th, 2006, 03:25 PM
I have seen a few ads for doggy daycares in the city, I dont know if i would bring my dogs there, they seem like a great idea though, for dogs that are GREAT with others, but still none the less, sometimes dogs just dont like another one. WOuldnt they end up forming a pack?

June 13th, 2006, 03:52 PM
my dog goes to one occassionally. it's GREAT!!!! but expensive. The one I use (and trust) is $25 a day. BUT they are excellent! at the one I use... the first day your dog only gets a human buddy. so they can see how he is, what he's like. 2nd day, he slowly gets introduced to dogs of similar age/weight/size, but only one at a time. if all goes well, they have SMALL play groups of about 4-5 dogs... each playgroup has a staff member to supervise play.

the first day, my dog was so incredibly FINE with everyone they put him right into a group. but yes, some dogs just don't get along, which is why the place I use has plenty of staff to supervise.

I love it. I wish I could afford to send my dog more often.

June 13th, 2006, 05:14 PM
Jessi76 - how often do you put your pup into daycare? I'm debating putting Harley in for maybe one or two days a week. The cost here is about $15 a day, so financially its affordable. Is there a benefit (or issues) to only going in sporadically?

June 13th, 2006, 05:15 PM
When Layla stays at the kennel, she spends her days in doggy day care (the kennel is also a day care, a grooming facility and a training group) so that she's not cooped up all day. She LOVES it. They always show me pictures of her in it and she is always having a blast in them. I sat in on the first one (a la police lineup, through a 2 way mirror) and the dogs all got along so well, and the staff were really interactive with them. Every dog goes through a trial period with a supervisor before they are allowed to officially be in doggy daycare, to make sure there are no overly aggressive or, for that matter, overly timid, dogs in the mix.

I think it's great, especially if your dog is being borded, or you work all day.
We used to take our Belgian to doggy day care when both my parents worked (my mom is now a full time "recreational golf player" so it's no longer needed) but because of her neuroses, it had to stop, and if ever both of my parents are gone for more than 6 hours, she spends the day at her trainer's house. (she is in love with him :p). So obviously it is not ideal for everyone, and it is up to the owner to recognize that, and for the dd to tell the owner of any problems, which a good one will (the crappy ones are too interested in making a profit, and would rather segregate an anti social dog than tell the owner that it's not suited for dd)

June 13th, 2006, 09:16 PM
I have never tried a doggy daycare...I am very nervous about them, probably unnecessarily but after working at a kennel that offered daycare, I wasn't too impressed. The dogs were pretty much left on their own, most were stressed and if they got too upset, they were put in kennels (aside from, it was such a big kennel that with so many people coming and going, the dogs often escaped or were left in the wrong pens - YIKES)

Having said that, if I could find a small-time daycare that was indoor/outdoor, had a webcam where I could watch Dodger and references that checked out, I would be happy to take him there. Unfortunately Dodger isn't too social and even if he was, there are no daycares in my area that meet my rather high expectations.:p I have a bad feeling - those that would meet my expectations are WAY too expensive!

June 14th, 2006, 08:40 AM
My guy goes once a week basically for socialization purposes at his groomer's. Some dogs go daily, others once a week - a few always on Thurs. - his day. He also gets an hour walk in the ravine by the lady who boards him - she is associated with the groomer. And the there are the dogs who are in to be groomed - they get to play with the other dogs before grooming. The facility is located in same building - with entrance through our vet's clinic - so he is comfortable with both facilities and knows the people and the other dogs. They have worked out their pecking order. If a new dog gets overly aggressive he/she gets a time out. My guy is happy in the controlled environment. The only time he wants to move up in the pack is when the dog walker arrives. She enters through the back through a windown with steps. As we arrived last week and the many fans of his very tantalizing tail were waiting to escort him into the back room, he saw that the back windown was partially open - but just for air. He thought the dog walker had arrived and his own attitude chained. Normally he is happy to have the mid-size Poodle grab him by the neck, the toy Poodle run under his tummy and the 2 Boxers pull him by the tail - but when he though "his" dog walker was there he pulled away with a "later guys" and bustled about with self-importance. It was very funny to watch. When he finally realized she hadn't arrived, the normal dynamic returned and off they went. He is very good natured for an Eskimo. If he didn't understand how things worked, he would be difficult as his teeth are bigger than those of the much bigger dogs, but he wants to be loved and fit in. Funny though his comfort zone sets in once he goes behind the gate between the front office and the grooming area. Isn't as compliant - but not a problem though - at front of desk. But would he allow a strange Boxer or Poodle to mess with him on street - No - and to be truthful can't blame him. He already made that mistake thinking strange dogs of same breed would be friendly with him. I pay $20 plus $10 for the walk.

June 14th, 2006, 09:20 AM
Jessi76 - how often do you put your pup into daycare? I'm debating putting Harley in for maybe one or two days a week. The cost here is about $15 a day, so financially its affordable. Is there a benefit (or issues) to only going in sporadically?

I only use daycare when neither my bf or I can get home for Tucker during the day. Normally, Tucker goes to work w/ my bf every afternoon, so he's only crated for about 3-4 hrs in the morning. IF my bf knows he has to be on the road, or is too busy, I put Tucker in daycare. It's worth the $25 to me to know he's taken care of for the day, and NOT left in his crate too long.

I've never had issues w/ only going sporadically. But then again, the daycare I use is ALSO the same place I've trained my dog for a year, so my dog is already familiar w/ the staff, the location, and other dogs there.

I'm the same as Lissa though, with my high expectations. Although it's pricey, I am 100% positive it's clean, they genuinely CARE for my dog, they use the same training commands, take MAJOR precautions (incl. double gates inside & out), my dog is comfortable there, and I feel confident leaving him there. I don't "worry" about him, I KNOW he's safe and would NEVER be mistreated.

Just be sure to really check a place out, as you would a daycare for a child.