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Min Pin Wont stop whining in crate

June 11th, 2006, 11:52 PM
i have had my min pin for a few days and it hates it's crate, it is nine weeks old, and the first night we had him, he slept in our bed, then the next day we borrowed a crate from a friend to try it out, and he did well, but he was exhasted, we put him in there and i got in it with him, well just my head and arms (then i got out), and it slept all night, then the next day when i put him in there while i left the house for a while it whined and cried until i assume i got home, because he was still whining, and it urinated in it. I washed the blanket and cleaned out the crate, but then a little later it did it again. and when it was time for bed it cried for hours, and for a little puppy it is loud, how do I get it to stop whining in its crate and not to pee in it.

and does anyone have suggestions on pee pad training, it is working on going outside, but I live in an apartment and it is getting to be hard to take it out all the time, do you think it is too late to switch, or can it be trained to do both?

could its crate be to big, i wanted it to be spacious, but you could fit 3 dogs his size in there easily, what are thoughts on food and water in the crate, yes or no,

and what about treats, what are good ones for min pins, the vet suggested cheerios.

is moving to a new place a bad idea at his age?

oh and should i keep the crate in my bed room, or should he be in a room without me in it, i thought it might comfort him, but when he sees me he cries even more. if anyone could help and give me some tips that would be great!!

oh one more thing is there a reason that people cut min pins ears, because i think they are cute floppy, but if there is a medical reason i guess it should be done.

June 11th, 2006, 11:55 PM
I don't know much about crying puppies (other than that people say a ticking clock can help settle them down sometimes...) but for the ears, there's no reason. It's just painful cosmetic surgery. :) Please do keep them floppy.:)

June 12th, 2006, 12:20 AM
IF you insist on crate training, i would suggest some toys, a kong or something like that, make it his own little world, lots of fun yet a safe place to sleep. Also i have heard that putting some old clothes ( a tshirt or something along those lines) in with the puppy.
I have never crated so i m not sure what to say,
But there is definately no reason to crop ears, much better to leave them floppy!

June 12th, 2006, 12:57 AM
His crate should only be big enough for him to stand up and turn around in or he will section off places to eliminate. He should be given a treat whenever he goes in and some sort of puzzle ball or stuffed kong for something to do. You may also want to leave a radio on for him ( I don't know why I just know they like it) and he should only be given the kong or puzzle ball when you leave. Do not make a big deal out of leaving or coming home. Simply put him in, give him the treat and toy and leave. When you come home let him out and don't (I know it is soooooo hard not to) greet him enthuziastically. After a few minutes you can greet him and give him loads of affection, but you don't want to make a big deal of the comings and goings. Our foster dog hated her crate when she came 6 weeks ago and now quiets down after 2 minutes and sets about cleaning the kong out. Hope it helps. Crate training is definitly the way to go I think. I've tried it both ways and it helps in housetraining and confidence. Not to mention if you ever need to take him on a trip he will already be used to the crate. BTW it is very painful for the dogs to get their ears pinned. Please leave them floppy.:)

June 12th, 2006, 07:47 AM
definitely too big of a crate. I would also feed him in it (dogs are less likely to 'go' where they eat).

A 9 week old puppy (especially toy breed puppies!) is physically unable to hold his urine for more than a couple of hours, so if you are leaving him all day while you work, he WILL make mistakes. You need to get someone to let him out at least twice during the day. (As a petsitter, I offer puppy visits midmorning and midafternoon for dogs under 5 months old - so their schedule becomes (for owners that work 9-5) - 8 - 8:30 they get potty breaks with owner, around 10 or 11 out with me, then I come back at 2 or 3 pm, owner comes home around 5:30.

If it is not feasible for someone to come home, then you will have to set up an exercise pen in a completely puppy proofed area - make sure the pen is secured to the wall so it is stable if the puppy jumps on it or knocks against it. Put the crate in the pen, a few toys and some water, plus at one end - away from the crate- some newspapers or pee-pads.

June 16th, 2006, 06:28 AM
at this age they say that pups shouldn't be left in a crate out of sight for more than 1/2 hr to an hour. They are just learning and it takes time to build up to longer periods. For anything longer than that and without you in sight he/she needs a safe room (bathroom/kitchen) where there is a place to eliminate. Do everything you can to avoid him going in the crate! We have a 11 week old Golden at the moment and the first few weeks are intense but hang in there! This will be my 3rd time crate training and I highly recommend sticking with it.

-- Crate is too big, I used a tupperware storage bin (with weight in it to prevent him flipping it over) to take up space in the crate until he grows into it), no need to spend more $$$$ on various crates!

--Yes in your bedroom at night, wherever you are in the day.

--Do your best to ignore him and never take him out when he is whining...a water squirt bottle could be used to quiet him when desperate!

Hope this was helpful & best of luck,

June 16th, 2006, 07:16 AM
Please do not squirt him with water when he whines!! It will only make him fearful and anxious. He is a BABY!!
What is it about spraying animals? Just another form of aggression, IMO.

June 16th, 2006, 08:21 AM
Badger ever been to a dog show?

June 16th, 2006, 08:26 AM
I'm listening....

June 16th, 2006, 10:28 AM
I agree, do not spray him with water. He just wants to be with you - do you really want him to get over that? Give him a toy he only gets in the crate. A puzzle ball or stuffed kong. Something that will take him a little while to get the treat out. Never take him out when he is whining or he will never stop. Leave the room for 10 minutes. Come back and let him out. Next time put him in for 20 and leave the room. Next time 40...etc. Slowly build his confidence that you will always come back. Stick with it. I have raised dogs both ways and crate training is definitly the way to go.:fingerscr :)

June 16th, 2006, 02:22 PM
Badger ever been to a dog show?
I'm confused. Does going to a dog show make it ok to squirt a young dog into fearful submission? I don't see the correlation..:confused: