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New kitties, stange behavior from old cat?

June 11th, 2006, 10:06 PM
I have two 7 year old cats, Tom and Bella (both spayed/neutered). 3 weeks ago I had the pleasure of adopting 8 week old brother and sister kittens. All has gone well with the introductions and the kittens and Tom are playing wonderfully (Bella still would like nothing to do with the interlopers:queen: ). I have noticed a strange behavior from Tom though. (at least it seems strange to me) When he is playing with either kitten, he almost obsessively licks the kittens genital areas. He licks other areas as well, but will continue to lick the kittens genitals until they scramble their way out from under him. Is this strange?? Should I be worried about anything? It just seems a little too obsessive. The kittens got a clean bill of health the day I got them.

Thank you for you website. I have enjoyed reading everyone's input and have learned quite a bit in just a few hours.


June 12th, 2006, 09:38 AM
Hi laruth, be thankfull that your older cat(s) have taken so kindly to the new little ones coming in and causing alot of comotion, I know my cats by that age were enjoying the different sunny spots and lazy days. (I) think that Tom has taken on the role of foster mommy, he thinks that the kittens are just dirty babies, when was Tom neutered? Young man? His he a very clean boy himself? (I) wouldn't be worried, if it gets to be alittle much then put them in different rooms for awhile and let Tom focus on something else, as he will lick them raw. Best of luck in the weeks ahead, I'm sure you'll have some :crazy: times with all the playing, hope this helps alittle

June 12th, 2006, 08:02 PM
Thanks LibbyP!

I had begun to think of Tom as a protective Uncle.

I have no idea when Tom was neutered as I adopted him from a shelter 5 years ago. He was already neutered when he was brought to the shelter. (Thank goodness). He does keep himself clean as do the kittens. At least the kittens have re-energized him. His only playmate has been Bella who we lovingly call Ms. La Princesa. She isn't much into the rough and tumble stuff.

thanks for the help.