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Ye olde *snip* *snip*

June 11th, 2006, 03:11 PM
Perhaps you all can help me with this. I find that thinking aloud and getting opinions from people help me make decisions lots of times.

The vet that I'm taking these guys to have given us a couple of estimates to neuter Leo (I'm sure Pawz is gonna be similar). I've searched for the pricing on the forums here and in the US its like 100 bucks or less (kinda cool but I'm not living there) and here in Canada it seems to range anywhere between about $120 to like $300!

The vet tech/lady at the front desk suggested that we do the $330 package which includes the blood testing for feline viruses, the fluids, pain meds, and of course the actual *snip* *snip*. Well this is all well and good if we only had one to worry about....we have two....that's gonna be a ton of money(that's more than what I pay for rent)!

Now I understand that it would be a good thing for the vets to check for the feline viruses but if Leo (I'm not sure about Pawz's family) had it or his family did, there wouldn't be any cats left at Arron's place. The only thing the cats have died of have been natural causes (too old) or the cars on the highway. I mean wouldn't the other cats have shown signs of something after this long? I'm looking at this logically anyway. Also I do know that early detection
is the best preventative but if say I got this feline virus test maybe 1 year from now or something wouldn't that be just as accurate kind of thing? Sure it'll be 150 bucks instead of 120 but at least in a year when I'm out of school
and working full time I can AFFORD it. And well if Leo's got this feline virus thing, the equivalent of AIDS in humans, it means he might not live long right? And so far as I know there's no cure for it, right? So whether we find out he has it in 2 months or in a year is it really gonna make that much difference? (Or maybe all this logic is inherently flawed in that I'm just on crack or something...)

This fluids thing...also what I'm confused about. The vet said something along the lines of if we give them fluids then there won't be such a great need for painkillers after they come home? Fluids yes? Fluids no?

Opinions? Thoughts? Random comments? Anyone here think I'm on crack(and the good stuff too :p)?


P.S. The last two they put in declawing (as well as neuter) for two feet and OMG I didn't think that would cost 700 bucks!!! (I was never going to declaw them but just looking at those prices made me cringe at anyone who would!)

June 11th, 2006, 04:04 PM
$330 sounds like a bit much...I believe I paid $150 when Vinnie was neutered,but that was 3 years ago.
The fluid is an IV,just in case something should go wrong..
I opted not to do that.Neutering a cat is a simple procedure,none of my 3 males even had stiches,at least none I could see.
They were all fine after neuter,no pain-meds needed.
The vet/tech will suggest all kinds of things,maybe they get bonus-points:D
Tell them about your situation and that you only will do what is necessary,the most important beeing neutering and of course his first shots,but not IMO shots and neutering at the same time.

Lucky Rescue
June 11th, 2006, 04:14 PM
Neutering is not optional for male kittens, if you want them to stay home free of battle scars and fatal diseases.

Since neutering kittens is a non-invasive and very simple operation, I would go with the least expensive and ask for a discount for 2 at a time. I've had MANY male cats neutered. None needed pain meds afterwards, and in fact kittens acted like nothing ever happened.

For kittens and cats who appear and act very healthy, I don't bother doing pre-op blood testing, but of course that's a matter of choice. Blood testing is done on adult male strays, or any stray who appears to be not well or has evidence of fighting.

And well if Leo's got this feline virus thing, the equivalent of AIDS in humans, it means he might not live long right? And so far as I know there's no cure for it, right?

I think you mean FIV, it is incurable but cats can live nearly normal lifespans even with this virus, so even if they have it, they still need to be neutered.

To me, a 330$ "package" for a kitten neuter is simply outrageous.

June 11th, 2006, 04:19 PM
I agree with Lucky. Males don't need much pain killing. Females do, but males' surgery is so easy. And yeah, $330 is way too much.

June 11th, 2006, 04:40 PM
A friend of mine has 5 FIV positive cats,all from the Oakville HS,one has died,but lived to be 19yrs old.
I too agree with Lucky,ask to have it done the cheapest way,it's not major surgery.
My vet will not give me any discount for 3 cats,I did not even know any vet would do that.:confused:

June 11th, 2006, 07:30 PM
Well to get the super basic neuter only its $150 plus tax: the total with the analgesic is $196.45.

I also asked them if they could do a bit of a discount for both of them at the same time and they said "Oh well its not something we really do. I'll look into it and let you know next tim eyou come in"....I'm not that happy about that one I have to admit....

I really don't want to go to another vet's office since I have to go by bus as it is each visit. There is one further down the road that I could go to but I'm not sure about the prices there. The place I go to at the moment is actually very friendly and such things and the vet herself is really enthusiastic. I've told them on a few occasions that I'm a student and don't quite have a lot of money and when I asked what would be best for someone in my position they told me the $300 dollar package! I mean my cat is indoors, both of them are and the only time they go outside is when they're in the carrier to take them TO and FROM the bloody vet!


June 12th, 2006, 01:17 PM
That seems a bit outrageous for a male cat being neutered. It didn't cost me that much to have my dog spayed, even with the pre-op blood work and the antibiotics after.

June 14th, 2006, 10:10 PM
Well there aren't any payment plans that we can do with these guys....and they can't give us a discount (they don't even do it for longtime customers) it'll be 400 bucks right off the top.

They won't neuter until 5 1/2 months to 6 months of age....couldn't the kittens start spraying before then? I mean they asked if we had any in heat females in the area and well I have no idea! I mean I can't hear through the walls but doesn't mean the cats can't hear her (if there is one).

I guess if they start spraying earlier than that I'm gonna have to take them to the vet and say "look I'm sorry but we need them neutered now! They're spraying!"



June 14th, 2006, 11:01 PM
I know you trust your vet and that's not something easily done these days, but really I think it's time to ask about and find a second opinion on age and cost. I have real trouble with a vet that a) won't give a break for multiple cats done at the same time and b) one that's insistent upon a timeframe (of course yes there is such a thing as too early but really). Is there anyone you know and trust that has a different vet that you could ask?

June 14th, 2006, 11:19 PM
I wonder if you called a local rescue (you can find them on petfinders) in your area and asked if they could suggest someone; rescues are used to tracking down vets who will give them deals for multiple cats or just because the vet (gasp) believes in the cause.
I would be enthusiastic too about a $700 payday. This is big business at its most flagrant.
Maybe you could persuade someone to give you a ride. Lugging two cats on the bus can't be fun.

June 15th, 2006, 06:45 AM
My old vet always insisted on 6-8 month neutering and now I have 2 cats who spray on occasion:sad:(Chico and Rocky)
It did not start before they were about 3 yrs old.
It's a problem,but not a huge one,fortunately never on clothing or anything like that,usually against the wall and only if they are excited about something.

June 15th, 2006, 09:51 AM
I know you trust your vet and that's not something easily done these days, but really I think it's time to ask about and find a second opinion on age and cost. I have real trouble with a vet that a) won't give a break for multiple cats done at the same time and b) one that's insistent upon a timeframe (of course yes there is such a thing as too early but really). Is there anyone you know and trust that has a different vet that you could ask?

I talked to my boyfriend's sister because she had her cat done at a different clinic. She could only remember shelling out 150 after everything (taxes etc) but she wasn't 100% on that price (her exish-boyfriend has the reciept so there's no real way to check).

Unfortunately I'm a bit limited on where I can get to because I have to go by bus. I thought I had a friend who would be willing to let us use his car for this but he's a total idiot when it comes to his car, even with the offer of gas money! I understand that his car only works on the premium fuel but even so! (his parents used to own it and then got a different car and gave him this one to use) I'd prefer to spend as little time on the bus for the little guys, since it's gonna be bad enough for them as it is.

On the other hand, as you mentioned I do have to look at what my pocketbook can afford. $400 is a little pricey (especially since some of the money I thought I was going to have is gone because my parents ran into financial issues...I'm getting that money back, but in installments) all in one shot. I mean if the damn vet's office wanted a signed and witnessed statement saying I'm going to pay them X amount of dollars on these dates(or around these dates) I'd do it! $300 between the two of them is going to be hard to do as it is.

chico: I'd prefer to avoid those issues. I don't know if my landlord would really appreciate male spraying in the apartment for any length of time...let alone me!

I mean how long exactly does it take for a cat to recover from its shots? They want to wait a month and a half or so after the final set of shots. A month and a half?! It takes me like a day and a half! I personally couldn't see getting them neutered at like the 8 weeks or whatever that some people here have had, but if there's not much difference between 4 months of age or 5 months? I mean is an entire 4 weeks going to do anything?

There's another vet clinic further down our road and its not tooo much further than this one so I'll give them a call and see what their prices are...

I called up two places: One will do it for 160 bucks each and the other wants us to bring the boys in first to make sure all is good then come in a week after that for the actual neutering. The second place wants 150 bucks each (plus the 105 for the physicals). The second place also won't touch them before 6 months old or 5 pounds.


June 15th, 2006, 10:38 AM
What a racket. Neutering 10 days after their last shots is standard and I've had it done a week later on occasion. Maybe you could have one kitten done and the other one a few weeks later, to spread out the cost.

June 15th, 2006, 11:15 AM
Neutering and shots are very simple on cats (and dogs) I had my boy done this past Jan at 6mos (alittle older than I wanted) call around I think that price is :crazy: my boy cost not even $100 I did no pre blood and no pain meds after, they don't need it, and they don't need an E collar either, all that was required full shots before. Why don't you ask your friend to drive, not just borrow his car, pay him like a taxi? Take the bus if you must and kitties are quiet, it really doesn't bother them, my boy acted like nothing happened. I'm like you I(& hubby) could/would not have any spraying. Chico2 I've got to hand it to you, your a better pet owner than me, I cannot stand that my girly pee's. I've got my:fingerscr for you dtbmnec

June 15th, 2006, 01:46 PM
Libby,it's certainly not something I want,but I love my guys and there is no other alternative than them staying with us.
Also,when they do spray,it's not like an un-neutered male,often just a few drops,which I quickly clean up.
My Rocky(10yrs)can go weeks without spraying,then he sees a strange cat through the window and sprays.He knows by the tone of my voice he's done something bad,but it does not last:D Luckily I have removed all carpeting and believe me,my house does not smell like cat-pee..

June 15th, 2006, 02:58 PM
Hey Chico2- thank goodness its not a full blown un-neutered spray (that's what I was thinking) if it's only a few drops, (I) think even I could live with that HA HA HA heck I'm living with my girly peeing all over the house, what we do for our pets:evil: /:angel:

June 17th, 2006, 09:35 AM
Libby: That's what I've offered him, money for him to take the car with us, but he won't do it! It frustrates the heck out of me because this has been an ongoing issue. I mean its even easier to do grocery shopping when you have a car and we're willing to give him 10 or 20 bucks or something to take us the 3 blocks down the road for that! He will not do it! None of our other friends have cars so he's the only one left. We are too poor to have a car and we can't really get a loan for a car because I'm in debt up to my eyeballs (ahh the joys of school eh?)!

The way its looking is that our vet is going to be cheaper just because of transportation issues. I mean Esaunders PMed me about the Spay/Neuter clinic in Mississauga but I have no way of getting there! If I could get there by car, even giving like 20 or 40 bucks for gas, I'd still come out ahead!

I also realised that when they hit six months of age I'm starting school again. I'm just not going to have the time or even the schedule to allow me neuter at that point. The vet's office is only open 9am - 6pm and if I'm in school till six? or even five? I'm just gonna have to tell them that I need it done before school starts (that way if anything goes wrong I can at least be home most of the day to catch it before it gets too bad). I mean so far as I can tell a week isn't gonna kill the damn cats! (and if it does, I'll be dammed and will post about it to my chagrin)

As for spreading it out...I have thought about that, but again if they won't touch the cats till they're six months old and I spread it out too far because I'm working saturdays or don't have a day off through the week the 2nd one might not get neutered for a while and might start spraying!

Arrrg I hate people! I hate vets! Ok I feel a bit better now... :)


P.S. Hope I didn't forget anyone.....