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Cat gaining weight/odd tastes

June 11th, 2006, 10:33 AM
I have a 6 yo cat, Chloe. She was in good shape until she was approx 2. She had bladder stones and had surgery to remove them. The vet put her on Hill's Science Diet w/d food. The vet said it will make her gain weight. She is now about 15 pounds. While she seems fine, she doesn't want to move around much. She has dandruff - so I added flaxseed oil to her feed for about 6 months. I moved to another state and now have a new vet. At her yearly checkup, he noticed that when she sheds, many of the hairs have the hair follicle attached. He looked under the microscope, but could not find anything of note. He just said it seems to be clogged pores. She is a 100% indoor cat, so she is not rolling in dirt or anything. He gave me Hill's SD s/d dry and canned food (she hates the canned.) I stopped the flaxseed oil. Seemed to be gaining weight again - still lots of clogged hair follicles and dandruff. I then changed her to the Natural Balance dry food (reduced calorie.) She does not eat alot of food. I put only 1/3 cup in her bowl each morning. The bowl is not usually empty. The only thing she bugs me for is Temptations. I only give her 4 pieces - every other day or so. I don't have a scale, but I think she may have lost a pound or so. The dandruff and hair follicle issue was less. I then saw a urine drop on the side of the litter box that was bloody. I started her again on the s/d. I have read that hypothryoidism in cats is rare - should I test for this? As for her odd tastes, I have a pair of shoes that had snow salt stains on them and she loves to lick them. She is addicted to these shoes! She know they are in the closet and will search all the shoes for them - no other shoes will do. I have put them up so she can't get at them. She also likes to lick excess toothpaste on my toothbrush handle. I am wondering if there is some mineral deficiency. She acts up sometimes - paws on my closet door (loudly) very early in the AM - but I don't know what she wants. She also goes through phases where it appears she has feline hyperesthesia syndrome. About 2 years ago, she had a weird scab on her back (showed up a few months after her bladder surgery). The vet cut it off - just said it was a plaque. The skin in the area looks like plastic and no hair in the area. Any hair growing around the outer rim is now white (hair was completely gray before). Any suggestions? Thanks.

Lucky Rescue
June 11th, 2006, 11:00 AM
Science Diet and similiar low quality foods seem to create a lot of fat, dandruffy cats.

The Nutro is better, but I would be feeding her canned as well, for urinary health. Blood in the urine is usually a sign of crystals, stones or urinary tract infection, so you need to have that seen to right away.

Do not let her lick the salt-stained shoes. The salt used on roads has a chemical that is POISON.

Do not let her lick the toothpaste either. Toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed and some can be toxic to cats.

It's possible that the ingestion of these two toxins is causing her behaviors. You really need to get her to the vet.