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I'm in love with my dog!

June 10th, 2006, 05:36 PM
I adopted my first dog about 6 weeks ago, and he is a doll. He's 4 yrs. old, about 14 lbs. They called him a Pomeranian mix, but I think that was just because of his bushy tail. I think he has a lot of long haired daschsund in him. His name is Gordo, but he's not fat. I suspect he was a chubby puppy.
He has great manners and a very quiet and rare bark (hallelujah!). He is very snuggly and loves to be on my lap. I've been walking him 3 times a day, when I used to not walk at all, so that's awesome.
Several days ago, he started peeing in the house - twice it was when he'd been holding it for a long time, and he peed AS I was putting the leash on to take him out - very frustrating. Now he's peed several more times. So I stayed up late last night reading all about training dogs to not pee inside. I bought some Simple Solution today and cleaned the area thoroughly. I'm very hopeful.
I also read about crate training. The shelter I adopted him from had given me a crate, but I was considering returning it because I couldn't picture using it. After reading about it, I brought the crate down to the house this morning and he started jumping around excitedly when he saw it. Within an hour, he had climbed inside and fallen asleep. I have a crate trained dog! Woo hoo!!
I'm not sure what the next step would be a miracle if he just goes back to being perfectly house broken. We'll see...

June 10th, 2006, 05:46 PM
Wow,seems like the perfect little dog.You are right about cleaning the area were he peed,that's probably why he did it again.As for the crate,he likes it because it's a secure area for him,comfort zone.We would love to see pictures of him!!!:)