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In-laws and my dog

January 7th, 2004, 08:26 AM
Now, before I even start, I have to say that this is more venting than anything else. I don't know that there is an answer to this "problem." As some of you may know, and only because I talk about her all the time and incorporate her into all my posts, I recently adopted a rescued Great Dane, Laurel, who is 6.5 (pictures are being developed right now!!!) Many people I have spoken to often snorted (yes, SNORTED) at me and said they would NEVER adopt a Great Dane because of the health issues. I admit I probably don't know enough about hip dysplasia (can't spell it even) or bloat, but I love my dog and I am doing everything I can to make sure she stays with me for a very long time.
Having said that, my husband doesn't seem to share that thought. He has had dogs his entire life (Laurel is my first dog) and has always fed them whatever he wanted. His family's current dog, a 2 year old english bulldog, gets their table scraps (but to say she begs would be putting it mildly, she is a bully, I'll tell you that.) I try to tell him that bloat could kill her in anything from 1 to 3 hours, but he just scoffs and says that bloat is usually a result of inbreeding in great danes, and that it probably won't happen. I don't know enough to validate his claim.
What really pisses me off are his brothers, aged 12 and 15. I invited his family over for a turkey dinner on New Year's Eve, and I told them NOT TO FEED THE DOG ANYTHING. She was on the couch with the youngest, who has, I swear to God, the WORST manners with dogs. He'll just yell out their name fifteen times to get their attention, and when they come over, he'll recoil in fear. Anyway, I am pretty busy with said dinner, and I can hear the kids snickering in the living room. My husband tells them not to let the dog have any food, and they say "we're not." which of course is a LIE. At one point, the youngest comes over for a piece of bread, and his father says "only take this if you'll eat it" and he puts it down, since he was going to give it to the dog! HELLO?? Did I not say don't feed her anything? At least if it had been turkey or something it's meat and not wheat!! Of course, the next day, she had the runs, which did not surprise me but did infuriate me. (However, I can't find the butter now... :confused: it's possible she ate it new year's day, but we still had to take her out at 2 am because she couldn't hold it the poor dear.. and the butter disappeared later in the day, I am STILL looking for it!!!)

Anyway, what I am asking is: how do I EXPLAIN to these people that our dog evidently does not have a cast iron stomach like all their mutts and bulldogs have had? It's hard enough to talk about this with hubby, but if I can't convince him, how can I tell him to approach his brothers (they don't listen to me at all, they don't listen to their parents either, only my husband.)

I need all the help I can get, even if it's websites that debunkt he myths of bloat and great dane health. I don't know what to do!!! I've been doing a lot of research on bloat, but I want to know as much as I can.

Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it!

Lucky Rescue
January 7th, 2004, 10:01 AM
That's some family you got there!:p The only person who made sense was the one who said Great Danes have health problems and short lives.

Bloat is not particular to Great Danes - any large, deep-chested breed may get it, including German Shepherds, Rotties, Labs, etc.

It's usually caused by these dogs inhaling large amounts of dry kibble rapidly. Vigorous exercise after eating makes things even worse.

The best way to make sure your dog is not a victim of this illnesss is to feed him several small meals a day, and keep him quiet for a little while after eating. Don't let him drink large amounts after eating. Feed good quality food. Soak the food in water or broth before feeding, so the extra absorption in the stomach will be cut down.

And I used to have a problem with my mother-in-law feeding my dog table food. I think she felt we were starving him! He also had a sensitive stomach, so I finally told her (after she fed him an entire Italian sausage!!) "You'll have to sleep here tonight, so YOU can take him out at 2:00a.m. when he has diarrhea."

She cooled it a bit after that.;)

January 7th, 2004, 11:03 AM
Thanks L.R.

I have been soaking her food in some warm water and a little bit of milk (the lady is a little fussy in her old age). I have been feeding her performatrin, but I am a little worried now with the beef ban from U.S. to Canada. (i'm in Whiby Ontario) I heard on the news that certain foods won't be coming in, and i think I remember seeing a perfomatrin distributor being particularily distressed. What else could I feed her in that event? My vet sells Medical, which is only available through clinics, so I was considering that too.
Well, we should have a nice night, I just got a call from hubby who told me she went into the garbage this morning... will be an interesting night.... I don't even want to think about what she ate. What really worries me are plastic bags.. silly dog.

Thanks for your advice. I did tell them that if she bloats, it's 1 or 3 hours to live, or a $1000 surgery. They whistled when they heard that. Especially since I would ask them for it if I found it was something they fed her, I have no pity for punks who don't listen!!! hehehe

January 7th, 2004, 11:18 AM
That is one of my pet peeves.When you own a dog/dogs and family members think they can just give them anything.Everyone in my family knows not to feed scraps to my guys.My guys do get some turkey at thanksgiving and christmas,with some rice.And unfortunately Great Danes are prone to Bloat.They are deep chested dogs.My aunt raised 5 of them and lost one to bloat.And my friend just lost her St.Bernard to it.She died during surgery.

RuffNTumble, here is a great site on Bloat.It will tell you everything about it.Causes,prevention,and the breeds prone to it.My dogs are prone to it.I have 2 GSD's.

January 7th, 2004, 11:46 AM
RnT I'm right with ya!!

Killing with kindness, use those word on the in-laws. People are ignorant! I had this problem when Rusty was alive. He was on a very strict diet and visitors that came over would sneak him things (all kings of things, cheese, polish sausage, steak fat, gravy) OOHHHHH I would get soo mad.

They were all warned too, but nobody would listen. It got to the point if I had someone over that I knew would feed him, I kept him by my side the entire time. The only thing I could do, I was frustrated.

I remember walking into the kitchen once and seeing someone feed him about a 4 inch piece of polish sausage (to a little westie no less) I managed to get nipped at while taking it from him but atleast he didn't projectile vomit it up LMFHO!

Seriously, just be really really hard on them. Be honest too, tell them if they can't obey your orders about the dog they aren't welcome in the home.

One day I returned home from work or something and Rusty was sprawled out on the stairs gagging, coughing and clawing at his face with his front paws. A stupid relative there looking at him saying 'hey whats wrong with your dog'

I'm freaking out shouting 'did anyone give him anything' so I know what I'm up against. SILENCE nobody speaks out! So I scream it again, said he's 'fffking choking what did u give him'
Oh yes someone suddenly remembers they gave him a short rib bone right! BRILLIANT YOU IDIOT!

So with him in panic mode and me the only one he trusted, I managed to get his mouth open wide enuf so that I could use my fingers to wiggle out the bone which had lodged itself between the back of the jaw and his teeth. It was stuck in there really good I tell you and he was hard to hold still, squirming, scratching at me, trying to bite down while my fingers were in there. I KNEW I had to get it out ASAP or he'd choke if it dislodged.

Eventually I managed to pry it out, searched for debris and was happy I got it all. HE was terrified, as was I.

I just picked him up to comfort his trembling little body but had the urge to kick the ***** outta idiot face that gave it to him!

Thats one of my many stupid relative stories!!

I wish you luck, and hope they 'come around' sooner or later cause it can be very dangerous. Be persistent and hey if you turn out to be the b*tch atleast your dog is alive!!!

When the idiots come over, have a little saucer on the table/counter of treats that YOU would give your dog! Tell the morons that when THIS SAUCER is empty the dogs gets NO MORE treats!!! I found that worked pretty good. Sometimes they just wanted to feel like they were 'doing' some good (duh)

I know I'm rambling but this one hit close to home (is anyone still reading this) ??

Another thing you could do, just mostly to show them how dumb they are. Draft up a contract for them to sign indicating that they accept rull responsibility of any vet care, bills, rehabilitation, medication, surgery, respite care, time off work to care for the dog IF THE DOG GETS SICK FROM SOMETHING THEY GIVE IT!



ahhhh dummies, gotta love tryin to educate them!
(Luba being tuff today) grrrr

January 7th, 2004, 03:03 PM
hey luba, dont worry, I read everything your write, you just keep on writing there.

bloody rellos, i tell you, for me its not food, but behaviour, they think i am an absolute ogre when it comes to my dog, they just let her do anything (she is quite big so i like to be able to keep her where i want, out of the way, oh i am just sooo nasty for making that poor little thing go outside during dinner, well when she jumps up at the table and asks for the salt for her sausage dont blame me, but they will, then she will become that uncontrolable big thing )

i know it is not nice but if they wont cut it out just seperate them from the dog on visits (dog out back ect), it sounds mean but might just save her life.