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chronicly sick cat

January 6th, 2004, 10:39 PM
Almost two years ago now we got a cat from the local humane society. Since that time she has been diagnosed with ghiardia, urinary tract infections, worse ghiardia, worms and cat acne. (no plastic dishes). When we took her in to find out what the acne was she was given a lukimia vaccination. within a week or so she was noticed favoring one foot on her front leg.
She has a habit of getting up on top of the tall cabinets in our kitchen and jumping down. Its over a 5 foot drop onto the counters, then a couple of more feet to the floor. I had thought that maybe she had injured the foot in this manner. Over the next week and a half though she showed no signs of any recovery and instead worsened. both front legs became clearly stiff and painful. She began stretching for long periods of time and lost some movement in her hind legs. we took her into the doctor again when she could no longer jump up onto our 18" high bench.

The first thing that the vet noticed was an increased hemoglobin (?) count, or something to do with her immune system. THey ran all tests for FIV and FLV and they came back negative. All tests for anything came back negative.

Has anyone heard of similar reactions to their cats vaccinations? anyone who has cats with FIV/FLV that for some reason did not get noticed for lenghty periods of time.

We don't feel she is at any risk for these diseases now since she is an entirely inside cat. Thanks for any of your replies