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skinny cat losing fur

June 9th, 2006, 08:57 PM
Hi All;
We have a 6 yr old indoor tabby feline, who has always been a rather lean fellow,and always shed a lot of fur, but the last 4-6 months we notice when we pick him up that he's losing weight, & feels really boney, and is vomiting more.(2-3 times a month) .He has always had good quality food, but ate it sparingly. Ten days ago my daughter noticed 3 small bare spots on his hind quarters(about the size of a nickel) where fur was missing, and you could pull handfulls of fur out at will. He doesn't scatch at all,just the usual grooming. We took him into the vet where they ran a blood sample. The result was, heightened enzime level in the liver.He was put on antibiotics (2) and suggested we go to hypoalergenic food (potato/duck), as it could be a food allergy, which we did. When the new food was introduced he ate well, but now he is back to poor eating ( ten days since intro) . We also notice in the past 4-6 months a rather annoying new habit of jumping up on the kitchen counter and eating out of the open margerine container, or scraps on the board from carving a roast etc. He also is dumping the kitchen garbage can during the night as if scrounging for something lacking. Any ideas ot there? We appreciate any & all.

Lucky Rescue
June 9th, 2006, 09:19 PM
Did your vet suggest he may be hyperthyroid? The ravenous hunger, weight loss, poor coat and liver abnormalities can all be signs of that.

I think another test might be the best idea.

June 10th, 2006, 04:50 PM
I agree. Please take him to the vet and get his thyroid checked then let us know the results. :pawprint:

July 9th, 2006, 06:25 PM
Since taking Buddy to the vet for his weight/vomitting/ fur loss concern, we have taken him in again, as he continues to lose weight. He also stopped eating the Medi-Cal Hypo Allergenic kibble we bought from the vet.
The vet weighed him and explained to us that Buddy is failing probably due to a tumor on the liver,and we should have a plan on euthanizing when he gets too weak.She gave him another antibiotic and pumped him with fluids as he was dehidrated from frequent diarrhea. Since he wouldn't eat the kibble anymore she sold us the same food only in a can.The plan discussed was to keep him comfortable, watch him closely and if he is in discomfort or noticably weaker, to take him in.It has been two weeks since the last visit and though Buddy is not gaining weight, he is eating the canned food voraciously, 1 1/2- 2 cans a day,whining for it several times a day while he sits by his bowl.He seems happy / affectionate and even playful again, he certainly doesn't seem to be in any discomfort.He continues, however to vomit, and have diarrhea, but drinks regularly. Today we pulled the canned food & give him only the original kibble, same ingredients as the canned food, as this is getting expensive, but he wouldn't even look at it(left it with him for 12-15 hours),
We will continue to clean up his messes, and love him, he certainly doesn't appear to be dying.Will keep you posted.

jesse's mommy
July 9th, 2006, 06:44 PM
Did they check for hyperthyroid like Lucky suggested?

July 9th, 2006, 07:29 PM
What test did they run? all you mentioned is a weighing? I would never accept just a "Probably" there are other reason sfor weight and fur loss and if thyroidism it is very simple and inexpensive to treat even though it is for the rest of thier lives,

July 10th, 2006, 09:56 AM
my mom's cat went through a weight loss/hair loss/appetite loss cycle a few times that sounds very similar. It was diagnosed as allergies (dust, etc.) &/or stress, and she would come out out of each cycle in about 2 months or so. She now hasn't had one in a while and her coat is back to normal (very luxurious & not dry like during the "cycle"), her weight is healthy. For her it is just one of those things....hopefully yours is a minor problem as well.