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Dogs with allergies -Treats

June 9th, 2006, 02:30 PM
Could be something you're adding. Like with Jemma- if I give her my bread crusts, she itches... You have to be so careful with these allergy dogs.
I know it's something else that I give her because she is fine with just the food, but if I give her dog biscuts or anything but her regular food she ends up just miserable. I'm going to try wellness antiallergy treats and see if she can tollerate them.

June 9th, 2006, 02:31 PM
If not, try to find Northern Biscuits... Their Lamb and Trout (wheat free) one is pretty allergen-free. As are the Bison, Caribou and Venison ones...

June 9th, 2006, 02:33 PM
about 2/3 the way to the bottom, they have a list with the ingredients of some the different northern biscuits...(they have other kinds of cookies too that I've never found before)

June 9th, 2006, 02:36 PM
I agree Jackie, if your dog can't handle other foods, don't bother. I'm referring to people who add stuff to their foods, but don't switch them. (Not due to allergies)

I don't know if you are looking for treats, but Wellness does make cookies that are wf&sp
They have other ones too, but if she is allergic to all else, then these treats should be fine.

June 9th, 2006, 02:37 PM
I just bought the banana ones last week. They're pretty low on the usual suspects too.
Oatmeal, Whole Ground Barley, Yogurt, Ground Brown Rice, Canola Oil, Apples, Bananas, Molasses, Flaxseed, Amaranth, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene

June 9th, 2006, 02:41 PM
yeah, the yogurt, apples and banana ones are what I use, and they are highly enjoyed. I've had friends complain that after their dogs stay with me, they won't eat the treats they get at home:D

June 9th, 2006, 02:41 PM
I didn't want to hijack the thread about rotating foods so I thought I would start my own. Candi has pretty bad allergies and neither the vet or I can figure out exactly what it is to. The vet thinks it could be wheat or chicken or to quote the vet "a million different things". Candi can't seem to tolerate anything but wellness white fish and sweet potato. Anything else and she will make a hacking sound (sounds like a cat with a hair ball) and chew her legs and feet until there isn't any hair left and she bleeds. I avoid this by not giving her anything but the wellness, but I want to be able to give my baby treats sometimes. I'm going to try the wellness anti allergy treats but I would like a veriety. Does anyone know of any kinds of treats that I can buy that don't have alot of things in them? I'd like to start adding things to her diet to try and figure out what it is that she is allergic to so I don't want anything with alot of things in it. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about finding what she is allergic to? I was going to use the good old elimination technique, but if anyone knows anything easier and faster let me know.

White Wolf
June 9th, 2006, 02:45 PM
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June 9th, 2006, 02:47 PM
These have about as few ingredients as you can get (1)
they come in chicken, salmon, cod and beef.

June 9th, 2006, 02:49 PM
lol I was afraid I'd have to repeat myself...:D

Cloud Star makes some potato based ones but they're not as tasty as the Northern Biscuits or the wellness ones.. (according to Jemma and Boo)

June 9th, 2006, 02:53 PM

June 9th, 2006, 02:57 PM
Yeah the "natural pets" link I posted above has the grizzly nutreats ingredients too... Salmonylicious... (I don't like that they have pork gelatin though...)

June 9th, 2006, 03:03 PM
thanks for all the suggestions. I might try the ones that are just chicken just to see if that may be the prob. Then I want to try the banana and yogurt ones. unfortunetly I might have to wait until the winter to really find the prob because my poor baby has seasonal allergies too. the pollen is killing both of us right now.