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June 8th, 2006, 09:08 PM
I went to have supper with friends tonight, before going to the restaurant I ran into the mall and went to the petshop to buy fish food which I desperatly needed.

While I was paying for the food, someone was interested in buying a kitten. (Not sure of the age, but it wasn't 8 weeks old) anyways, the cashier said the price is 300$ the cats come sterilized, dewormed, vacinated and DECLAWED!

I was shocked!

The cashier looks at me and says, you know we have to sterilize the animals too many animals land up at the SPCA because the people can't afford to sterilze and vacinate them. Which is true, but I asked is it neccesary to declaw the cats. (The cats in the cages were already fixed and declawed) She said, No it's not necessary to declaw the cats but it's part of the package!

I will give this petshop credit for sterilizing and vacinating the animals but declawing give me a break!