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January 6th, 2004, 01:10 PM
I recently adopted a Lhasa from the SPCA, she is 9 months old, she lived with a Maltese and two children, no info on why she was given up and by the look of her coat which was long , she was VERY well taken care of. She's ajusted well to her new home, I've now had her for just over a month and am totally in love with her as is my husdand.
We've encountered 2 problems that we just cannot get a handle on. First being, when she is left alone in a room, doesn't matter what room------kitchen, living room-anywhere, she begins to howl and whin, rather loudly. The first time it happened, we thought someone was torturing her. Upon coming to her, she turns on her back, paws up, tail wagging. What to do?
We can go out and leave her alone in the house, she doesn't destroy anything and we usually find her toys out and about and she's happy to see us.
2nd problem, the bigger one and scary one.
She has taken to biting my girlfriend, not nipping but actually biting her. On their 1st encounter, they got along famously, playing with each other--------my girlfriend is a big time dog lover, she and her mother have adopted many dogs needing a good and safe home. My recently departed shih tzu was a big fan of hers, they just adored one another.
The problem began on thier 2nd encounter, they were playing with each other and the dog jumped up onto the couch and as my girlfrieng leaned against the couch next to the dog, the dog let out loud pitched yelp and lunged for her face------thank god she didn't get my girlfriend! Since then the same thing happens all the time, girlfriend comes over, after a while the dog yelps LOUDLY and lunges. I've taken the dog over to her home while her dogs weren't there and she's fine. The puppy plays with the dog toys, sniffs aroung the house, my girlfriend can interact with her and it's okay. Can't figure this one out, she's fine with others and just loves people, the more the merrier.
Any advice??????????

Lucky Rescue
January 6th, 2004, 02:25 PM
This dog is behaving like a demanding and spoiled brat. Her lunging at your g/f was likely because the dog sees the couch as HER territory. She needs to learn who is in charge. You need to be firm and consistant - never harsh or abusive.

Many people will tolerate this behavior from small dogs, and should not, because even small dogs can do serious damage if they bite the face, or bite a child.

I suggest you get her on a "No Free Lunch" program immediately and make sure everyone follows the rules. First step: get her off the couch and keep her off it.

Here is a detailed page on exactly how to teach dogs who is in charge:
Alpha Boot Camp (

As for the whining, if you go to her every time she does this, you are obeying her demands, and teaching her that whining gets her what she wants.

. You need to ignore her whining. Dogs do only what works and if fussing does NOT get her the attention she wants, she'll give it up.

January 6th, 2004, 02:42 PM
I agree you have to nip this in the bud right now ASAP

Until you have it under control she can even if she is little cause harm. Those little dogs can snap pretty hard u know!!

I'm not sure if LR would agree with me on this but I had a LhasaX with something else (poodle maybe) that I fostered a few years ago. He did a lot of nipping and usually for no reason, just grumpy face.

I resorted to a soft cloth muzzle. If he'd growl or snarl at me the muzzle would go on right away to show him that it is wrong. I would say no bad then the muzzle goes on for about5/10 mins. They hate it, rub their face on the ground and everything.

I take it off and ignore him, see if he does it again. If he does the muzzle goes back on.

After about a week of this he started behaving a lot better the muzzle I only had to use if I had to do something to him like trim his nails or trim his fur. Other then that he didn't nip at me anymore, except for one time I needed to get him out from under a table. I tried coaxing him but he wouldn't come and we had a vet appt so I went in happy and talking nice nice to him to get him out. WOW did I get a bite!!

He obviously was beaten before we rescued him!!
So thats something to consider as well.

good luck