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Goodbye Mimi

June 7th, 2006, 11:26 AM
I adopted my adoprable little Mimi over a month ago. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her, and when she began coughing, I immediately rushed her to the vet. Vet visit after vet visit soon showed that her cough had turned into a terrible pneumonia. I skipped work to care for her, and spent my weekends at home giving her all the love I could give. Her spirit and energy came back and I saw an even better dog than I had initially adopted. I fell for her hard, and that's when the neurological problems began. She stumbled a lot, and looked lost. She went to the bathroom in the house, and cried loudly. I learned that her litter mate and kennel mate had died of Distemper and my heart sank when I realized that little Mimi had succumbed to the same, horrible disease. When I came home friday night, I could see the suffering in her eyes, and I knew what needed to be done. I was with her till the end.

Who knew that in one short month, this little dog could give me so much to live for. She brought me so much joy, and taught me so much. She used to hide her bone in the most obvious places. Saturday, I found a bone hidden in my closet, under my shoe and I was overcome with pride: my little girl finally did it right. I like to believe she's playing happily with all the other amazing animals who have crossed over, enjoying marshmallows (without pills inside them), and looking down on me. I miss you Mimi. You will be in my heart and prayers forever.

Mimi was one year old.

doggy lover
June 7th, 2006, 11:32 AM
Sorry to hear of your loss, it is hard to lose a special friend. My thoughts are with you:angel:

June 7th, 2006, 07:08 PM
I'm sorry for your loss.Take comfort in the fact that she spend the last month of her life well taking care of and loved by you.

June 7th, 2006, 07:53 PM
I'm sorry for your loss. She was very lucky to have found you.:grouphug: