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Spell check not working

doggy lover
June 7th, 2006, 10:55 AM
Is it just me or is anyone elses spell check not working??? God knows I need it my spelling has always been terrible. So sorry if I make any errors in any posts today, and it wasn't working yesterday either.:D

June 7th, 2006, 11:57 AM
Yeah, I notissed thta too. I hoap nobuddy juges uss for spellign things rong todei. Its nawt ar fawlt. The spel chek is doun!!

June 7th, 2006, 12:34 PM

Prin're funny

doggy lover
June 7th, 2006, 12:44 PM
sho itts knot jst mee

June 7th, 2006, 04:40 PM
nope, itss everybuddy. I hope it get ficksed sune.

June 8th, 2006, 11:55 AM
It's been an issue for aboot a wheak.

We're on it though and it should be fixed soon.
For those of you with the google toolbar and Internet explorer, feel free to use that spell checker till the issue is resolved.

thx all


June 22nd, 2006, 07:29 PM
Sorry for the delay everyone, the speller is now working again.

June 22nd, 2006, 10:03 PM
I hoap so. Wate! No, it iznt werking still!!
I get thiss messaj

Prin, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

June 22nd, 2006, 11:07 PM
I didn't know we had a spellcheck!:eek:

June 23rd, 2006, 07:24 AM
I was one of the people who asked for spell check last year, but have never used it since it was added.....I think I only wanted it so that other people would have good spelling :D

June 23rd, 2006, 10:01 AM
Prin is right - it is working for ADMINS but not members - rechecking the errors.



June 23rd, 2006, 01:27 PM

it works!!

June 23rd, 2006, 01:31 PM
Reely! Itss ficksed agen! Yep, it is. This messaj probaly fryed it agen thow.:D :evil: