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June 7th, 2006, 07:56 AM

My name is Ginger and I am a new member.

I have one dog named "Eddy" who is a "normal" (stray population) dog from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is medium size, black with some white and now some greying marks, and is 7 years old. When he was 8-10 weeks old, I found him in the middle of a very busy street when I was on my way to the post office. He was a stubborn puppy, but now is a wonder dog and a terrific companion.

I also have one cat named "Stella the Stowaway". She is a siamese, calico, tabby mix (you can imagine!) all tans, browns, and creams. She is also from Kuala Lumpur. I was volunteering at an animal shelter in KL when she crawled up under my car one very stromy day, and rode home with me. I found her the next day in the garage. She was about 4 months old, completely unpreterbed by the events, and just wanted to know if I had any food in the house. When she is awake, she is a very BUSY little cat. To date, she has been through an alarming number of lives, about 6 or 7.

We moved to France about one year ago and the animals made the trip just fine. Eddy loves the social life in France, and my husband and I take him just about everywhere with us. Stella gets to feeling a bit left out, so sometimes we take her along in my new cat tote bag.

I have a health related questions about Eddy, so I will move on to the health forum now.

It's nice to meet everyone.


June 7th, 2006, 06:48 PM
Hi Ginger,make sure to post pictures of your fur kids,we would love to see them.