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Crazed deer takes down pit bull

June 7th, 2006, 07:34 AM
Don't tell Bryant although I'm not sure if he'll ban deer or bring more in.

Crazed deer takes down pit bull

All across the nation, the deer population has been wreaking havoc as never before.

Whether terrorizing college campuses or attacking politicians, it seems their tyranny knows no bounds. Now they've graduated to home invasion.

Jerry Falkner's nightmare began with an explosion glass and ended with his beloved dog being sent for emergency care.

"I heard glass breaking and I thought someone was breaking in," he told the Racine Journal Times. "The next thing I know, a deer is running toward my room."

The Falkners peeked out to see what happened. When they spotted the maniac deer, they wisely closed their bedroom doors.

"I hurried up and called 911 and said there's a deer in my house," Falkner's wife Lucille explained.

When Jerry saw the deer head for the bathroom, he jumped at the chance to trap the wild beast. What Falkner didn't realize was that his beloved pit bull, Shadow, was already cowering in fear inside that very bathroom.

A battle ensued.

As the deer stormed about the bathroom, the poor dog didn't have a chance. Shadow was quickly knocked unconscious by the doe and left with a nasty wound over one eye -- among hother injuries. Adding insult to Shadow's wounds, the deer also kicked on the water, causing a flood in the apartment.

Police arrived just in time to rescue Shadow and turn off the water to the building before the deer could do further damage. Officers from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources then tranquilized the marauding animal and dragged it away.

Racine Police Officer Victor Cera thinks the deer had been out in the backyard. When the deer found itself cornered by dogs and kids, Cera thinks it bolted for freedom.

"In the 16 years that I've been doing this, I've seen all kinds of stuff, but this is probably the most bizarre," Cera said.

After having sent his kids safely off to school, Falkner was counting his blessings.

"Imagine if it would have been this window," he said, pointing to his kids' bedroom window. "After this incident, it makes me think it's safer to stay on the second floor than the first floor."

June 7th, 2006, 07:50 AM
Deer kill a few people every year . . . Usually either the males during breeding season or does protecting fawns. Those hooves are sharp! :eek: I'm sure they kill more people than dogs do, you just don't hear about it.

Poor dog, I'm glad he survived. There's something sort of amusing about the deer turning on the water faucet, though. ;)