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Info I got from the ASPCA interesting

January 5th, 2004, 09:43 PM
I sent the ASPCA an email about a shelter in Georgia advertising it's dogs 'kill dates' if they weren't adopted. Several were young dogs, only weeks old.

Not familiar with the aspca myself and what it can/can't do I thought they could shed some light and asked if they rescue animals in this type of situation.

Here is the response I received, you may find it interesting.

Dear Sir/Madam:

We at The ASPCA share your anger and concern. While
Internet technology has made a positive contribution to our society,
it has also resulted in the rapid expansion of publicity for
individuals who promote animal abuse.

In the United States, individuals have the constitutional right to
Freedom of Speech and therefore, they may discuss and advocate for
animal abuse on the Internet and in other public forums. If they go
beyond words and speech and actually practice what they preach,
animal cruelty is a crime in every state.

Many websites that we receive complaints about have already been
investigated by different groups and have been found to be hoax's,
such as,, and Other sites like (twisty
cats) and, have been found to be real
businesses that, although some may consider them unethical, are not
breaking any laws and so there is nothing that law enforcement can
do. The ASPCA encourages concerned citizens to write the various
Internet service providers and their advertisers which host these or
other websites that advocate animal abuse. You can find the address
of the provider by connecting with the following website: and inputting the name of the
website. We also suggest that you contact local and national media
organizations to make them aware of these sites. Finally, you may
want to write the on-line providers with which you regularly do
business to encourage them to screen their own sites and not allow
websites, which promote animal cruelty. We do not recommend
complaining to or even visiting the offending sites because it is
obvious the creators enjoy the negative attention these sites give

Furthermore, if you have concrete information that the individual
has moved beyond words to criminal actions, the most effective
response remains with traditional measures, which would be to
contact the authorities in the city in which this web-site creator
lives. While the ASPCA is a national organization in many respects,
our powers to enforce animal cruelty statutes are limited by law to
the State of New York. We care, however, that acts of animal
cruelty and neglect be addressed wherever they occur. In this
situation, we would urge that you contact any or all of the
following organizations and advise them of the facts of the

("local" means based in the area from which the web-site originates)

1) the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
and/or Humane Society
(which may have the power to enforce animal cruelty
laws in the area);

2) the local city/county Health Department/Board of Health (because
abuse of animals often involves
unsafe or unsanitary conditions for humans);

3) federal, state and local taxing authorities (because operations
involving cruelty to animals often operate
without filing or paying taxes);

4) The Internet Fraud Complaint Center at, which is
a joint partnership between the FBI
and The National White Collar Crime Center established to
address consumer fraud committed over
the Internet;

5) local law enforcement officials; and

6) local and national media organizations.

Please feel free to contact us again for support or with
additional information. We truly appreciate your
concern and efforts on behalf of the welfare of animals.


The ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement