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kitten treats

June 6th, 2006, 03:27 PM
Hello again...

Well as most of you know, I have two kitties, Leo and Pawz and they're about 8/9 weeks old now. There seems to be some minor issues with the both of them.

#1 Leo has decided that he's the food dish bully as a result I've had to stop feeding them off the same plate and separate them. So all should go well right? Erm not so much. It seems that Leo will finish his food and then run over to Pawz's and butt him out of the way. Pawz is therefore super skinny and Leo is becoming fat (in fact today because I haven't been able to stand over Pawz's food dish he's eaten close to a full can of food himself!)! My friend suggested at different times of the day, but that's gonna be hard for when I get a job and stuff. As it is they don't really get fed on a schedule, more once in the morning, once around supper time and then at like midnight - 2am. Please help?!

#2 I have a question about cat treats. I was told by my vet that I shouldn't give my kittens any treats until like 6 months of age. Is this true? Which treat should I give them? (I'm hoping that will help them not scratch the furniture and maybe eat out of their proper plates)