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Rennos need to vent

June 5th, 2006, 03:59 PM
:sad: Okay I am so upset I could scream and cry. Our yard rennos are pretty much done. All we need is the door.

The first guy had to cancel has he actually ended up getting a high paying job which is fine. He did however help us get the right door. A 5 foot double french door to replace the five foot window. If anyone knows anything about installing a door you measure around the frame right. :mad:

So while we are waiting for this door to be custom made. We are put in contact with another contracter. That comes by once before the door is made and once after we receive it. He tells us he will be back that day with the quote - well he doesnt even call us back or return our calls and its been two weeks. :mad:

So this morning I look in the newspaper and just call the first guy I find in the classifieds. I dont care now I just want it put in. So he comes and looks at the door and window and tells us we have a six foot door not a five foot door - he shows us the measurement and sure enough hes right. The people at the door place knew we had a five foot window. In order to fit the door they gave us it labour cost will double as there will be a lot more work involved. :( :mad:

To get the door replaced its gonna take another three weeks - they better get us the right door or I will probably go into their store and just lose it.

Also my parents are coming on the 16th of June to visit and see the rennos
my dad is in a wheelchair and we need that door for him to go on the patio. Yes we can take him around the outside of the house through the grass I guess but its not the same.

Anyways I am to the point of tears now over this whole thing.

June 5th, 2006, 05:09 PM
Sorry to hear that you are going through this , but sad to say its all too common. My b/f ( sorta, well before) is in the home renovation field, and the stuff I know about Its scary! Be careful hiring ANYONE no matter if you go through a company or not. There is alot of things that they will do ( or atleast say they are doing) and it will be half a$$ed jobs. Do you know of any friends or aquaintances who are capable to put it in? The best way to go is through a friend of a friend kinda thing. Also, not to scare you but if you do hire a stranger, PLEASE make sure he is insured. (WSIB certification ect.) alot of Contractors, are looking for a quick buck.
Your opening could be easily modified to fit the door, shoud only take the contractor, about 2-3 hours to do this.( if you have siding)
It may look a bit funny but atleast the door is in, and they can do marvelous things with cappings.!!
I wish you the best of luck. Check with the BBB too before hiring an independant contractor, alot of them are notorious for wanting their money first and not returning to do the job!! OR doing it just to say its done, then getting paid and never to be found again, make sure they guarantee their workmanship.
I cant remember where you are located, if Ontario or Quebec i could call around for you, i know alot of people in this field who guarantee thieir work.

June 5th, 2006, 05:10 PM
K i see your from BC, sorry i dont know anyone out there!:sorry:

June 5th, 2006, 07:23 PM
Aww I'm sorry you're having a hard time. So far I don't know anybody who has hired people and come away happy. Hopefully you'll find somebody who will give you what you want. :( :fingerscr

June 5th, 2006, 09:06 PM
Well hubby went to the door place today - and the admitted that they screwed up - the second guy that came was just gonna do all the labour and make the door fit but charge us for all the work.

I am really hoping not to wait another three weeks for another door. Also we know people that could do it but they are all making big bucks in Alberta and wont be able to get around to it anytime soon if at all this summer. So we are basically stuck finding someone we dont know.

erykah = K i see your from BC, sorry i dont know anyone out there!

hey thats ok - I do appreciate the thought though

oh yes and the landscaper has come back three times to fix the sprinkler pump which still leaks - and he hasnt come back either to fix it - so if we use our sprinklers now pretty much half the water leaks all over the patio. :mad:

Right now I am using a watering can to water my garden - that should be watered by underground sprinklers.