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Help Needed From A Cat Rescue!!!

June 4th, 2006, 03:50 PM
Hi there. There's a cat that has been frequenting our area for the last little while. For the last week or so a few of us in the area have taken to feeding her because she appears to be starving - she's very thin, weak, and has an open wound on her tail. She also does not appear to be young - her front toes look to be arthritic.

Because there are plenty of strays, or under-loved cats, I've become used to seeing them around and try not to stress over them. However, this one just breaks my heart! She's quite friendly, even in her distressed state. It's obvious that she's not a random alley cat. Once upon a time she had a home.......there's no doubt - her wanting to be around humans, and her constant attempts to gain access to our house makes it obvious.

If it weren't for the fact that I'm at the city's allowable limit for animals, and financial reasons, I would adopt this cat in a heart-beat! I fear contacting the Humane Society because I believe her chances of adoption are very low. I'm afraid for her health and safety........I don't believe she'll last much longer. She's getting weaker by the day it seems. Today she's hardly able to move about!

I've already emailed at least a dozen Cat Rescues, but to no avail. Those that I've phoned aren't available.

Please Help!!!! This is truly breaking my heart~

June 4th, 2006, 04:16 PM
Is there any way you could bring her in temporarily? If the city comes sniffing around - and they won't - you could say you were keeping her for a friend.

I hope someone responds to your plea but meanwhile the kitty is going downhill. You could have her vetted and then look around for a cheap spay. Meanwhile, knock yourself out looking for a permanent home (a rescue might post her as a courtesy or even help you find a foster). Remember to charge a fee to help recoup your expenses.

I know, I'm overloaded too, and it all starts with one kitty who breaks your heart just a bit more easily than the others. Sometimes you get to the re-homing part and things don't go as planned. But sometimes they do.