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My Dog has EPI

Erin Stewart
January 5th, 2004, 01:30 PM
My dog was recently diagnosed with the illness EPI "Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency". She is being treated and well on the way to recovery. I just was hoping that maybe someone out there will be in the same position as me and be able to answer some of my questions.

I am wondering if there is any healty dog treats or bones that I can give her that won't upset her stomach. She's a 2.5 year old german shepherd and already as a shepherd has a very sensitive stomach. So with the EPI illness on top of that, it's hard to find things she can have that won't create any problems.

If anyone can offer any advice I'd really appreciate it. It's great to have websites like this one where animal lovers can talk to other animal lovers and share stories and advice with each other. I'm happy I found this website.

Thank you kindly,

January 5th, 2004, 02:20 PM
GSD's are genetically prone to this apparently

You may be able to get some more information here:

Some dogs seem to do better when they are fed a low fat, low fiber, highly digestible diet, but most dogs do not need specific dietary treatment for EPI. Oral vitamin E supplementation or intramuscular injections of vitamin B-12 may be administered to restore serum concentrations of these substances in dogs with EPI. Although such deficiencies have been documented in EPI, it is not known if they are significant. Rarely, dogs with these vitamin deficiencies that do not respond to enzyme replacement alone will do better when these deficiencies are corrected. Antibiotics may be helpful in some dogs if excessive bacterial growth in the intestines has occurred.

Powdered pancreatic enzyme extract is mixed in with each meal. Within a few days, your dog's appetite and stools should become more normal, and s/he will begin to gain weight. Your veterinarian will work with you to determine the best regime (what dose of extract, 1 or 2 feedings per day) to keep your dog free of clinical signs. Enzyme supplementation of your dog's food will be necessary for life

Erin Stewart
January 5th, 2004, 04:56 PM
Hello again,
Thank you for your quick response.

I have been researching the web like crazy and already have Bella on the Pancreatic Powder. She looks amazing and is getting better every day.

I was just wondering if you know if I should keep her only on one type of food and that's it..? I feed her, well just starting her on Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken with the supplement Seameal as well. And she loves it! But I was hoping to be able to give her some type of treat once and a while, like a rawhide or biscuit...

any suggestions...?

January 5th, 2004, 06:27 PM
RAWHIDE !!! NOOOoooooo

Rawhide hunks DO NOT digest in the stomach and can cause awful troubles including bowel obstructions.

low fat, low fiber, highly digestible diet,

The vitamin supplements are a good idea as well


hope all goes well

Erin Stewart
January 5th, 2004, 07:54 PM
I don't know what I was thinking... I just wanted her to have something to chew on and to help clean her teeth.. I try to brush them as best I can, but I wish there was some other bone, non edible kinds that she could chew.

What about biscuits? You didn't mention if they are good or a bad idea??

January 5th, 2004, 07:59 PM
There are low fat biscuits called meditreats but i'm not sure about the protein levels in them.

Your vet i'm sure can recommend treats that are appropriate.