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Enthusiastic to have joined

June 1st, 2006, 04:41 PM
Hi everyone, new here but I have been browsing off and on whenever I get a chance. Love this forum so much information exchange. I currently have 36 cats in my home. I started with three I personally obtained and have kept which are my kids. Slowly started helping by spaying and releasing or necessary emergency care for strays or otherwise poorly owned neighborhood cats. I have helped educate some into have their pets vaccinated and neutered or spayed. etc... I have grown somehow... not hard to figure out in my neck of the woods I believe people intentionally dumped house cats in my yard in the middle of winter. So I don't like to publicize my whereabouts. So far I received a little bit of help from my vets whom give me a rebate but now its not enough due to grown expenses and lack of hours in a day. I am now trying to become a small non-profit org. of sorts to get some help with the financial aspect, receipts and such. I have tried to join with other rescues in my area but that didnt work out so great the first time around. The second time was not a complete attempt by either side. I don't know if a third try will happen but I am trying to do it alone. I have found homes for many without going the official way and have always verified the future owners and remained in touch with them. Word of mouth is great for future adoptions but I also get the calls for help with injured, abandonned, sick and starving kitties. I could use any advise or friendly suggestions anyone has to offer. You can e-mail them to me if you like. I have a web site up but under construction... Time... just so much of it in a day, this comes after my feeding and cleaning duties. lol. Any help at all will be most appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
P.S. I will email the web site to whomever request it?

June 1st, 2006, 04:56 PM

Since you are Ile Perrot, have you asked SOS Miow for any help?

Even though they don't foster cats anymore, they are part of Steri-Animal and actively involved in adoption day clinics through out Montreal.

I would suggest you contact them, maybe they can take couple of your cats to adoption day clinics? Never hurts to ask....

June 2nd, 2006, 07:54 PM
Thanks for the info Poodletalk, do I answer you here or in another forum? I did already join them as a volunteer but I ended up with more cats, a sick and contagious cat and out of pocket mucho dollares. SO, I'll pass.