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Your dog and the weather

May 30th, 2006, 11:35 PM
Just for fun! How does your dog react to . . .

1. . . . hot, sunny weather? :pawprint:
2. . . . thunderstorms? :pawprint:
3. . . . rain? :pawprint:
4. . . . snow? :pawprint:

May 30th, 2006, 11:37 PM
1. Lies on his side wherever and whenever he can
2. No diff.
3. Inside, no diff, outside, more excitable, but won't "go"
4. Super excitable

1. Won't go outside
2. No diff
3. Closes her eyes, runs out, does her thing and runs in asap
4. SUPER excitable. She rolls in the snow, LOVES the snow. The first snow of the year is so exciting for her. I love to watch it.

May 30th, 2006, 11:45 PM
1.Panting as usual, diggin holes outside ( in designated digging area)
2.Doesnt phase her one bit
3.WET FEET!!!! its a fight to get her to pee
4.When its fluffy, she runs through it like a tank with her head under the snow!!!

1. Same as Kita
2. END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! Panics and hides under anything he can almost fit under
3.Meh, no biggie for him
4.Attacks the falling flakes

1. Pants and pants, and is restless
2.TERRIFIED!! Follows me all over the house and tries to steal Meiks hiding spots
3.Lays on the lawn enjoying it
4.Doest phase him

May 31st, 2006, 05:17 AM
Hi, well since kasha has gone...was stolen there is only my little taz dog left:mad: he was from a rescue 4 years ago and is still a little bit scared of some things eg the soung of a hair dryer / hoover...but his reactions to the weather are classic...

1 - In the sun taz likes to roll on his back and lie with his legs in the air, find and water he can and stand in it for hours(especially runing water eg.streams), and lie in the shade with one eye open watching the world go by.

2 - In thunder storms poor taz does not enjoy himself very much and tends to hide under anything he can (bed covers usually) with his ears pinned back to his head and his tail locked underneath him.

3-In Rain taz wont leave the house even when bribed, if it rains and we are in the park he makes a bee line for the car or if we have gone on foot the nearest park bench to hide under, he hates rain and pulls his sad face:sad:

4 - When Taz first saw the snow he couldnt understand why he couldnt smell anything - nose to the ground and sniffing! Obviously the snow had blocked out some of the smells our doggies like to sniff. The poor boy was so confused he put his head in the snow looking for something to smell and came back out sneezing - very ammusing to watch. Since then his favourite doggie snowtime game is catch the snowball...

I will try and post some pictures but use works internet connection to post so dont want to push my luck??!!

May 31st, 2006, 09:09 AM
1 - avoid the hot sun whenever possible, they are miserable in the heat
2 - doesn't bother them
3 - they love walking in the rain & getting wet, the dirtiert the better :eek:
4 - they would live in it 24/7 if they could. snow is good for laying on, rolling in, eating, scratching up, peeing on, bringing in the house and shaking all over the place... :rolleyes:

May 31st, 2006, 09:19 AM
Nikki my 8 1/2 year old eskie

1. . . . hot, sunny weather? , barely fizzes on her
2. . . . thunderstorms? no problem
3. . . . rain? peeks out the door and runs back inside as long as it stops within 18 hours will hold it even then I need to go outside with her
4. . . . snow? love it

Sunny 8 year old greyhound
1. . . . hot, sunny weather? outside only long enough to potty
2. . . . thunderstorms? no problem, I can saw longs thru anything
3. . . . rain? out long enough to go potty
4. . . . snow? it okay as long as temp are mild

Maya 4 year old greyhound
1. . . . hot, sunny weather? outside only long enough to potty
2. . . . thunderstorms? Runs from one room to another panicking
3. . . . rain? playtime
4. . . . snow? playtime

May 31st, 2006, 09:24 AM

1. . . . hot, sunny weather? Ready to go
2. . . . thunderstorms? Ready to go
3. . . . rain? Ready to go = zoomies
4. . . . snow? Ready to go = zoomies

Minnow (cat)

1. . . . hot, sunny weather? Ready to go
2. . . . thunderstorms? Ready to go
3. . . . rain? Ready to go so long as there's some protection
4. . . . snow? Ready to go so long as there's some protection

May 31st, 2006, 10:13 AM
1. just going into their first summer, so we'll see...but these last few hot muggy days have created lazy dogs who have trouble settling in one spot.
2. Haven't really reacted to any thunder so far.
3. Don't mind going out to pee, but hate cold pelting rain. Lazy dogs inside, they just sleep when it's grey out.
4. Fav weather! Snow is for playing, rolling in, digging, making Mom stand outside until her ears freeze... Love long walks in the snow, the longer the better! Fingal stands face to the wind, letting his ears flap and snorting up the air.

May 31st, 2006, 10:32 AM
#1, he barely moves, is pretty lathargic
#2 does not phase him
#3, closes his eyes hoping it will go away, then jumps over the smallest puddle
#4. Is the cutest dog in the world, gets lots of zoomies, and digs for gold. Bunny hops over mountains of snow. To watch him is to love him....He is adorable in winter

May 31st, 2006, 10:54 AM

1. hot, sunny weather? loves it.
2. thunderstorms? perks ears, shows mild interest, but really doesn't care.
3. rain? I have to PUSH him out the door to go the bathroom. hates rain.
4. snow? likes snow, but he gets cold & wet fast, so he needs a snowsuit.

Nala & Miss Lulu (kitties)

1. hot, sunny weather? they sunbath in the house, on the cool floor.
2. thunderstorms? they hide under the bed or couch.
3. rain? they don't go out in rain
4. snow? they don't go out in snow either. but like to play w/ snow that's been tracked into the house.

May 31st, 2006, 03:16 PM
Both dogs:

1. hot weather.......they hate it :sad:
2. thunderstorms....perk up ears but doesn't bother them :cool:
3. rain..................doesn't bother them and I swear they love the mud :evil:
4. snow................they love it :highfive:

jesse's mommy
May 31st, 2006, 04:35 PM

1. hot weather.......rather be in the air conditioning :p
2. thunderstorms....either doesn't bother her or she runs from window to window barking at the "intruders" :o
3. rain..................doesn't really like it, but for some reason loves the hose ;)
4. snow................loved it, when we lived near it :)

June 2nd, 2006, 07:39 PM

1. Hot, sunny weather: Misty will lie in a sunny spot, preferrably grassy where she can roll around, when it gets too hot, she will seek a cool spot to nap.
2. Thunderstorms: Terrifies her! Every time there is a storm, she must be in the same room with you, preferably under the covers snuggled up in bed. She will whine when they are really bad and tries to hide from it.
3. Rain: Doesn't phase her. She will run around outside having a great time. Puddles don't bother her either, just don't try to get her to go in the lake or kiddie pool! She thinks of them as great big water bowls! Funny though that she used to get in the shower with me (until I decided to wash her too) but hates to get washed!
4. Snow: Misty loves the snow! She runs around in it, sticks her nose in it and tosses it in the air! Unfortunately, her arthritis usually causes us to have to cut her time in the snow short.


1. Hot, sunny weather: This is her first summer, so we will have to see. So far, she just wants to play. She loves to run around at the cottage.
2. Thunderstorms: Doesn't even really notice them since she is too busy playing or napping!
3. Rain: Not quite sure how she feels about it yet. She doesn't mind getting her feet wet. In fact, she doesn't mind getting wet, as long as it is not a bath!
4. Snow: Princess has never encountered snow yet. She was born in January so was too little to go outside and play in the snow. Will see how much she enjoys it (or hates it) next winter.

Dinah (cat):

1. Hot, sunny weather: Lives in an air conditioned house. Doesn't phase her much. When we do let her outside with us, she rolls around for a bit. Lies there enjoying herself and then goes inside where she can lie by her favourite window and remain cool.
2. Thunderstorms: Don't phase her at all. Goes about her day as usual.
3. Rain: Has never been in the rain. I don't think she would like it though. She's not fond or our wet hands accidently getting some water sprinkled on her!
4. Snow: Has never encountered it either. I don't think she would like it as she is constantly searching for the most comfortable air vent that is producing adequate warmth in the winter to take her naps.

June 2nd, 2006, 08:28 PM
Well, weather: so far, he lies down and don't want to move... First summer for him and our appartment gets REALLY hot.... :(

2. thunderstorm: Just curious for a second

3. rain: hates it! Doesn't want to go out at all, or if we are already out, he tries to run to the house.... You should see me flying!:D

4. Snow: He was only a young puppy so he was cold and didn't like it... Let's hope better for next winter! :p


June 2nd, 2006, 08:40 PM
1) Indoors: Lies in front of the AC, or else lies in my shower, or on my kitchen floor under my table (both are marble, and are thus, very very cool)
Outdoors: run run run run, swim swim swim swim, run run run run, swim swim swim swim, repeat.
2)Indoors: Watches it through the windows
Outdoors: Meh, who cares? It's raining.. and I LOOOOOOOVE rain!
3) Indoors: Watches it through the windows
Outdoors: YAAAAAAYYYY RAIN!!!!!!
4) Indoors: lies on couch
Outdoors: YAAAAAAAAAYYY SNOW!!! oooohhh I'm cold.. sits down and shivers.....ok I'm warm again.... chases snowflakes.... (Layla is a pro shiverer and looks so pittiful when she does it. She could convince you to give up anything with the look she gives you when she shivers)

June 2nd, 2006, 09:26 PM
1 - hot weather - sleeps most of the day
2 - thunderstorm - he slept through the last few, he's a barn cat so probably sorta used to it
3 - rain - vaguely interested in the noises
4 - snow - hasn't been cold out so I don't know

1 - hot weather - sleeps most of the day
2 - thunderstorm - not sure, we'll probably see tonight
3 - rain - looked confused at the noise generated by the rain on the windows/air conditioner/covered skylight in the bathroom
4 - snow - hasn't been cold out so I don't know

Prince - the old student house cat, currently living with one of the roomates
1 - hot weather - haven't seen him in hot weather
2 - thunderstorm - ran and hid, probably under my bed most times
3 - rain - if he was outside he'd run in as soon as possible
4 - snow - "omg it moves" lol he'd play in it (sorta) or he'd pull up his paws as if "ewww what is this stuff"


June 2nd, 2006, 10:09 PM
1. . . . hot, sunny weather? "Where's the flippin' A/C?!?!" Apparently, I don't keep the A/C cool enough for her liking.
2. . . . thunderstorms? Same way she reacts to any loud noise - hides in my bedroom.
3. . . . rain? Stands in it with her ears pointed out to the sides and head low, waiting for someone to let her back inside so she can shake all over us.
4. . . . snow? Psycho doggie time! Jumps in it, rolls in it, digs in it, runs around like a fool in it, pounces on it, lies down in it to cool off - all of that lunatic behaviour sure works up a sweat. :crazy: