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Hi from BC

May 29th, 2006, 04:20 PM
I came across this website while searching for a :ca: Bouvier breeder - looks like some great message boards and a lot of great info!!

My history = My name is Christina and I am owned by 4 dogs - Gizmo (shihzu) who is 14, Peggy Sue (Pug 8 yrs), Tia (Bouv 12 yrs) and Riker (Golden 7 years). We just recently lost Caine who was a 12 year old rotti. He went in for a wellness checkup and we discovered he was full of cancer. Absolutely heartbreaking to say the least. My 3 year old daughter was devastated as well as both my husband and me.

I have also been involved in the cat fancy since 1996 with Bengal cats and we are also now involved in the Savannah cat breed.

We are an animal family to say the least! My husband works at a vet office with his brother who is a vet. I worked there until I was due with my daughter back in 2002 - now I am a fulltime work at home mom. We have almost 4 acres so we are able to have chickens, ducks and sheep. All of our cats and dogs are fed a raw meat diet combined with EVO (I've read the reviews but I have nothing but good things to say about EVO). Our raw diet is mainly chicken and duck based - all of which we grow here on our farm. yes our critters are happily spoiled!

Looking forward to reading more!


May 29th, 2006, 11:36 PM
Hi and Welcome Cafekitty, sounds like your house is busy;) Wow a 12 yr old Bouv that's awesome, I know there are several pug owners on this forum. Your family sounds VERY animal friendly, it's nice to see you will be teaching your daughter these same morals and compassion, look forward to chatting sometime:pawprint: