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Doggie Depression Help???

May 29th, 2006, 03:24 PM

In the 2 yrs that I have had my 4 yr old Bulli, Scarlet, she has needed near constant meds as well as respitory & leg (deformed bones) surgeries. This means that she rarely socializes w/ others. She loves a good bone & can be energetic (for a Bulli) when she's well but due to no tenant-pet protection we are living in a lightless, viewless deathtrap so she can have her elevator. Yay Montréal! We are moving somewhere else July 1st:(. So it's not just her meds that make her depressed & sleep
23/7. Not normal, even for a Bulli. I can't find any info on pet depression. I am not just assigning her a human state/emotion. I know that she is depressed. Others have seen the diff too.

Any help?

May 29th, 2006, 09:12 PM
Are you sure there is no additional health reasons for her state?

When/how does she go outside? Is she home alone in a dark, windowless apartment? Is there anybody who could come and spend time with her or dogsit her when you are away?

Maybe she would like some interactive toys? It sounds like she can't do much but if she is friendly, perhaps you can find her a smaller dog to play with so she won't get hurt etc...???

Can she swim? I know a dog who has paralyzed back legs but moves freely when she gets in the water!

May 31st, 2006, 10:33 AM
Have your vet run some bloodwork, thyroid problems can result in depression, it was one of the major symptoms, I had noted with a dog I adopted along with some foot dragging, and skin in places was dry and leathery looking I asked the vet to run a thyroid panel, he was kind of skeptical because she was really skinny but I insisted and sure enough she was really low at a t4 of .07, 2 weeks on the thyroid replacement and she was like a new dog full of energy and liveliness.

May 31st, 2006, 03:21 PM
I would definitely get her thyroid checked. I also had a dog with hypothyroidism and one of her symptoms was depression as well. Good luck and let us know.