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eye lift :( poor Diesel

May 29th, 2006, 01:16 PM
Hello! I'm new to the forums. I just bought a purebred puppy off a breeder on Thursday. She brought him up from the city but "forgot" all of his papers and vet papers and insurance and said she is mailing those. When I picked him up, she noticed he had some gook in his eye (like eye boogers) and they were crusted. She put some eye drops in and seemed to act like it was no big deal. Diesel has been squinting that eye since I got him and i gently wiped away the crust but it reappeared. So today, I took him to the vet. The vet said the right eyelid is signifigantly smaller than the left and that is probably going to cause him these problems for the rest of his life. He prescribed some ointment i'm to apply 2x a day for a week - and than come back for a follow-up. He than told me that if the swelling doesnt go down - i MAY have to have eye surgery done, where they lift the eyelid so that it isnt so small - I asked him what the sucess rate was on the surgery and he said many people have it - but he didnt really know alot about it. Has anyones puppy had the same problem or the same surgery? I'm so worried. I have only had him a few days but he is as much a member of our family now as our own children. I love him so much it hurts here are some pics ... i tried to show both eyes in them so you could see how much of a difference i'm talking about.

Lucky Rescue
May 29th, 2006, 01:26 PM
So sorry to hear you got hoodwinked by a disreputable breeder. I hope you do get those papers etc that she "forgot". I'm sure you read them first, so one of them should have a guarantee against hereditary and genetic defects.

I don't know anything about the surgery, but since this defect is congenital, you really need to make the breeder either pay for it, or give you back the purchase price of this dog. You may have to take her to court to get it, but you really shouldn't let her get away with this.

Your puppy is just precious!!!:love: