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Kitten insurance

May 29th, 2006, 10:46 AM
Megan is confuzzled....really really confuzzled....I don't get along with legal mumbo-jumbo very well....

As you guys well know, I'm a student and so is the boyfriend....I'm still debating getting a second kitten to keep poor Leo company....and now I'm sorta looking in to insurance....and all its legal mumbo-jumbo is confusing the heck out of me!

Deductibles and what's covered and what's not and my brain is going to explode with all of the random bits of information running around it.

So it seems that there are three "major" Canadian pet insurance companies. Cool got my head around that one....but who to go with?

Just want some advice on who some of you guys have been with and maybe what some of these companies are like. I'm not looking for right away insurance (don't want to jump into anything and all that) but sometime within the next year or so (after I get a job even) I'd like to start one up. Also right now I can't afford the super duper does everything but cleans the cat dishes out for you plans so I guess I'm looking for the best plan for the most common ailments for a cat. (Of course now that I've said that in ten years my cat (according to Murphy's Law) is now going to get the one thing that isn't covered :yuck: )

Thanks guys.


May 29th, 2006, 09:46 PM
If you search pet insurance there have been a few threads on it.

If you have a more specific Q.. maybe some of us can try to help you muddle through it.

Personally, I looked into it.. And it seemed safer to just keep an account for uh oh vet bills, than to hope I wasn't paying into something I may not use/ or may not cover my pet.. Since hip dysplasia may happen, and it isn't covered, you know?

But you may find good info in searching, or having a more specific Q to ask. :)