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Holy Steve Irwin Thoughts??

January 3rd, 2004, 12:24 PM
Did anyone hear about Steve Irwin's little show and tell with his baby in a croc stunt?

All I have to say is DUH! That's just a little too much. The baby coulda been the crocs snack for heavens sake. :eek:

Well here is the story:

MELBOURNE, Australia (Reuters) - Celebrity crocodile hunter Steve Irwin triggered outrage when he held his 1-month-old baby while feeding a snapping crocodile during a show at his Australian zoo.

In a show for the public and the media Friday, Irwin held his son in one arm while feeding a dead chicken to a large, lunging crocodile then put the baby on the ground and helped him walk toward the reptile's pond.

Seven television network was inundated with calls after the incident was aired. Protests were lodged on a government families crisis line and with police.

Irwin also received a warning from child-care authorities.

"He's one month old, so it's about time Bob got out there and did his first croc demo," the typically exuberant, khaki-clad Irwin told the crowd at his zoo in Australia's Queensland state.

January 3rd, 2004, 01:30 PM
Don't set me on fire here, I don't think he should have done it either.

Steve has been handling these critters since he was his daughter's age. I am sure that if he or Terri thought for a second that anything would happen, little Bob would not have been there.

January 3rd, 2004, 02:00 PM
Still ,that's not the point.That is endangering the baby.Anything could have happened.The crocks could have snapped and that would have been it for the baby.To me it was stupid to put that baby in that situation.And did Michael Jackson know what he was doing?That was no different then this situation.That's just my opinion.People who endanger their children just piss me off.

January 3rd, 2004, 03:41 PM
Well atleast Mikey didn't have a snapping croc down below LOL

Animals are unpredictable especially when their targets are small. Snack time ???

I wouldn't do it, and I have a lot of respect for Irwin - he's great. BUT even he has been bitten himself several times by animals. So, never can you anticipate it won't happen.

Just hope he doesn't do that again.

January 4th, 2004, 12:31 AM funny.

Yes,lets hope he doesn't do it again.

Any wagers on who is next to endanger their child..LOL

January 4th, 2004, 01:04 AM
... maybe it depends on how he was holding him.

on occation, my dad used to playfully jerk/push (BAD use of terms, but that's what comes to mind) me towards the end of the subway platform when the Train was NOT coming or on it's way.


January 4th, 2004, 07:35 AM
I read that in our newspaper yesterday.

I hate how celebraties can be so stupid and get away w/it. God for bid if that was one of us, we would of been locked up for child endangerment and lost our child to the system.

Makes you wonder how these celebs can get away w/murder.:mad:

I don't care who it is, if you endanger your child you should have to suffer the consequences no matter who you are. Makes you wonder why the rich and the celebs can get away w/everything.:confused:

January 4th, 2004, 01:27 PM
Crocks are fast creatures, he'd have no chance of escape if the animal attacked the kid.

Put his own life at risk but the baby IDIOT!

January 4th, 2004, 05:52 PM
I agree Luba, he has ***** for brains. He is such a dumba*s. If I was his wife, I'd kick the ***** out of him for that.

January 4th, 2004, 06:23 PM
OK, now lets look at this. Steve knows his crocs very well, he knows their nature, habits, personalities ect. some of the crocs at australia zoo have been in the care of steve and his father for a very long time well over 30 years, his father was a croc specialist as is steve (who is also a great conservationist and has done alot here for the status of the croc). steve knows the croc extremely well, he lives and works with them, he knows croc habbits and predatory behaviours, he predicts croc behaviour in the wild. steve often performs shows with his small daughter bindy on his shoulders and his wife (then pregnant) by his side, the child has even fed the crocs. now im not defending Wako Jako that is a very different situation. i feel it just comes down to culture and what you know as normal. any child psychologist will tell you that children can recognise things immeadiatly after birth (mother ect) so this may be a familirisation thing, crocs are central to the Irwin family and play a major role in their everyday life, education and familirasiation for these kids with crocs is understandably a very important part of their upbringing, the child was not upset at all and its mother was on hand. we all know steve was meeting crocs as a baby, it just shouldnt have been done infront of a crowd, the media got it and off we go. steve and his wife are very responsible people, and good parents, they would never harm their kids or do anything that they thought was not safe. i know lots of reptile carers and have seen the most dangerous snakes in peoples houses, they have children, i know children with snakes and spiders as pets, Children in the northern territory here go swimming with crocs in local watering holes, again it is just what is your norm. i just hope it doesnt affect his credibility to much as he is just about the only famous person in australia working solely for conservation for a species, and without him the species may be in grave danger, crocs in the past have been viewed as bags and shoes and this is starting to change and the importance of such an ancient species is begining to be acknowledged.. he just shouldnt have done it in front of anyone, and if you have seen alot of steve you know he is very fast and has never been hurt in his zoo, only outside doing rescue. for goodness sake the man chases black mombas for a anti venine program (the worlds fastest snake it actually chases you and extremely deadly) and he is really really fast. but as i said he knows these crocs like family and predicts them well, just in the same manner that i predict dog behaviour, when you know them well enough you can predict MOST things, he would never have taken the child into a pen with a young fast croc that he didnt know.

Lucky Rescue
January 4th, 2004, 06:34 PM
I like Steve Irwin. His enthusiasm is great, and his love of animals certainly seems genuine.

But wild animals (and tame ones too) can be very unpredictable. A recent example of that is the Siegfried & Roy fiasco - which to my mind was inevitable.

Chances are that Steve's baby will never be harmed. But if there is miniscule chance that she will be, why take that chance?

January 4th, 2004, 06:47 PM
with that whole sigfried and roy thing recent reports have said that the animal was trying to defend the man after being spooked by a person in the crowd and if it intended to kill it would of. but yes animal are unpredictable, and it would be a big risk for most of us, but to the very trained eye i just dont know. i just refuse to believe that steve was trying to show off or anything, just doing things in a way that many cannot relate to or understand. but im not him so i wouldnt know. but with my animal i can predict most things, we have been together a long time, have experienced alot together and she has given me no reason to doubt her, i do not trust her, that would be foolish, but i know her well and know what she will do in most situations. and this could be considered the same for most animals, if you know them well enough you can predict most, not all things. but hey it could be like dangling a mouse in front of a snake, or a chook in front of a croc... just food for thought ha ha.....:D

January 4th, 2004, 07:30 PM
I like Steve too, I think he's great! :D

Devotedly watched his show for years back in the early 90's and such, love the guy!

Here is the BUT, butt-head thing to do IMHO that is!

I remember the time he and Terri climbed an escarpment of some kind looking for some type of creature. They got stuck on the rocky ledge and there was a cliff overhang but you had to jump around a corner to get to a safe place. IT WAS A far jump and they were really high up!

He jumps ahead, you could see fear in his eyes and poor Terri is in tears, he says 'I'll catch u luv'

LUCKY she made it on her own cause he didn't catch her LMFHO!!


January 4th, 2004, 09:06 PM
UPDATE- i just saw the news and there was an update on steve with witness accounts.. anyway witnesses of the incedent at the park say that the photo of steve holding the baby is not quite accurate, the angle of the pic indicates that Steve was very close to the croc, witnesses have stated that he was in fact very far from the croc with quite a few meters between him and the croc and he threw the meat to the croc and did not hand feed it. the photo released is just one photo and is from a front on angle, it would be interesting to see the reaction to a side on photo showing the true distance between both parties.;)

January 4th, 2004, 09:38 PM
that sigfried and roy thing, the one who didnt get attacked (i get them confused) was the one who claimed that the animal was protecting the one who got hurt, but he may have been playing it down ect. but hey im not a big cat psychologist so i wouldnt know:D

January 4th, 2004, 09:38 PM
Ahhhh would like to see more pics of that then! ;)

Lucky Rescue
January 4th, 2004, 10:32 PM
with that whole sigfried and roy thing recent reports have said that the animal was trying to defend the man

I don't think so.:p Cats aren't made that way. All of them - big or small - are subject to fits of annoyance. Unfortunately, the results of these snits are deadly when the cat is 600lbs.:(
Tigers do not belong on a Las Vegas stage.

As for Steve, yes we know the reliability of the media :mad: so I agree the incident was probably exaggerated.

January 5th, 2004, 10:10 AM
I like Steve Irwin. He is crazy though. I think the media is
over blowing this. I think Michael Jackson did worse.

I don't why Steve would do this, but if you watch his show, he is one crazy bloke.

January 5th, 2004, 03:10 PM
I also saw the entire story of Sigfried & Roy with Barbara Walters how the tiger was really trying to protect him rather than harm..

& let's not forget, HUMANS CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE as well!!!

and yeah... where IS that pic? lol.

January 5th, 2004, 04:06 PM
gosh i love a bit of controversy, it is a very popular topic here at the moment.. well steve was just on the news on the radio, he said that he needs to be more aware of who is watching when he does stuff, and that he is just trying to educate his children and others, a bit strange though, not really explaining anything. or is he just another tall poppy that the crowd is trying to knock down ( if u didnt know tall poppy syndrome is real in Australia and very well known, we seem to try to destroy those acheiving something more than us, or the famous ect. ie tall poppies...), who knows, but tomcat he is a little over the top at times so who knows, but steve and his family have gone into hiding (a secret holiday) and have left the park. bet he is regretting it alot now.

January 5th, 2004, 04:54 PM
Thank you Melanie.

While I don't think that Steve should have had an audience, I am sure he has had his son in to feed the crocs before.

He was standing flat-footed, on solid ground with no trees, etc, in his way. His body was between the croc and the baby. You can bet that there were plenty of his people close at hand, not to mention Terri.

His family lives in the zoo. He was raised with these animals and so will his children be.

January 5th, 2004, 05:20 PM
lavenderrott i totally agree with you, see my earlier post, and i do believe that he can predict with the most accuracy a human can, the behaviour of these beauties. i just really think it is a case of a different culture and style of living to many others so alot of people just cannot understand his way of living and the way his kids are raised, and i would imagine it is very important to familiarise these kids with the extended familiy members (the crocs), and i am sure terri was right on hand but they just didnt show that in the pics and that kid has probably done it alot since birth, his other child bindy loves the crocs and feeds them with her parents. but i think he has learned a lesson, watch out cause you dont know who is watching. it is pretty sad though that he has gone into hiding, he is probably being hounded constantly which i think is really sad for him and his family, he has done so much good here, it would be heartbreaking to see his efforts take a giant leap backwards, but hey humans seem to have very short memories so hopefully it will blow over..

January 5th, 2004, 05:26 PM
I was talking to a friend today about how we have gotten so politically correct that we have major problems. I am sure that Steve's dad introduced him to crocs at a very tender age. I read somewhere that Steve wrangled his first at the age of 9.

I am equally certain that there are many many people out there that do worse things to and with their kids. But they are not famous so they can without all of the uproar.

I certainly got some slack for allowing my son to crawl on the floor near my "dangerous rockwilder".

January 6th, 2004, 08:58 PM
the latest from

"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin snapped back at critics who have accused him of endangering his month-old son's life by holding him while hand-feeding a crocodile, saying Monday that he would even do it again.

"What I would do differently is I would make sure there were no cameras around," Irwin told Network Nine television's nationally broadcast "A Current Affair" program.

"When I was a very small boy, my dad did the same for me. In fact when I was 9 years old, he let me jump, restrain and capture my first crocodile."

Child welfare advocates have said the TV hero endangered his son, Robert, in the incident Friday, drawing comparisons with pop star Michael Jackson who dangled his infant out of a hotel window in Berlin in November 2002.

Police said Sunday that Irwin would not be charged with violating any laws.

Irwin promised to give "A Current Affair" a videotape from his Australian Zoo reptile park where he staged the act, which he said would prove it was not as dangerous as the public believed.

"(The tape) will give you another angle so all that ugly stacked-up vision of me looking like I endangered my child will be put to bed very quickly," he said.

The celebrated animal lover, who has survived tussles with pythons and crocodiles, fed a 13-foot croc while cradling his baby during a media event at his reptile park in northeastern Australia.

Irwin also angrily rejected any comparisons to Jackson.

"I would never, ever put him in any danger, not in a million years," he told Australia's Sunday Telegraph.

"To hear people say that it was a publicity stunt, that I'm just like Michael Jackson well, it just tears me up. It makes me sick to my stomach to be compared in that way."

Jackson was criticized for the Berlin incident. In an unrelated high-profile case involving an accuser who is not related to the singer, Jackson has been charged in California with committing lewd acts on a child.

Meanwhile, a message board on a Web site used to promote Irwin's television shows in the United States has become a battleground for the crocodile hunter's critics and supporters.

Some fans sent messages of support while others vowed never to watch his shows again.

Irwin has gained worldwide fame for his "Crocodile Hunter" show on the Animal Planet network, in which he chats excitedly about exotic and dangerous creatures — sometimes from extremely close proximity to the beasts.

January 6th, 2004, 09:33 PM
he looks pretty close to me !

January 8th, 2004, 02:54 PM
what I don't like about the pic is that he's not supporting the baby's head...

other than that, ya, it does look like that baby could have been 4 feet away... but why'd he feeding the croc with the baby in his left arm anyways???

January 8th, 2004, 03:02 PM
waggie i notice that to but didnt want to say anything, yes i find that far more disturbing than anything else he did, the poor kids head was floppy and you can see it distinctly flooping from side to side, poor little bob ahh.