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How much water??

May 24th, 2006, 01:48 PM
Hi all, I just have a quick question and I am hoping someone knows the answer or at least has some advice. If any of you remember back in late Feb early March my little man was fighting pnemonia and he was really dehydrated and had subcu fluids given. Well I am a little worried about him not drinking enough agian :( . I took him back to the vet today and he was dehydrated again, but he isn't sick at all, they took some blood and are going to run tests, but he has had all the vaccines and he never goes outside. The vet suggested that I feed him three times a day and mix in as much water as he will eat in his soft food and he should be fine. I was just wondering how much should he be drinking/eating of the soupy stuff??? I just want to make sure that he is getting enough and not too much. Am I going to have to do this forever with him? I don't mind, I would just like some advice from anyone who has had a cat who won't drink much water. He will only eat the canned 3 times a day if it is mixed with water otherwise he will only eat it two times and he doesn't even finish it, but mixed with warm water he eats it all. I put in about two tablespoons of water with big spoonful of food each time. He isn't even a year old so I guess I am also just curious how much canned he and his brother should be eating now (his brother, big boy, is the one I am concerned about being a fatty at some point in his life ;) ) They will be a year in August. Any advice on the water and how much they should be eating of canned would be appreciated. They are eating Nutro canned. Thanks again all. You guys are really great, I have learned so much from reading the threads. :D