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No appetite

May 23rd, 2006, 12:53 AM
Hi All -

I have an active 10 yr old Boxer. 2 hours ago when I came home from work, she was fine. She just declined dinner (unusual for her) and will not even eat a piece of pork chop. Her nose is dry and she just wants to rest. Since this is not her norm, I am concerned. Is there anything that you may be aware of that would indicate an emergency or things that I should watch for?

Please advise. She is currently resting near my feet and I am concerned.

Thank you!

May 23rd, 2006, 12:58 AM
If you are worried, head to the vet. Any unusual behavior is worth checking out, especially when it comes to lethargy and lack of appetite. Good luck!:)

May 23rd, 2006, 01:04 AM
Thank watching her and if this continues, will take her to the vet tomorrow.