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My dog has a broken back, what to do? (have been to the vet)

Monkey Princess
May 23rd, 2006, 12:13 AM
Over a month ago, my little dog who is 10 yrs old got bitten by the bigger dog. The vet said her back bone is fractured. At that time she couldn't move both of her back legs. She sat up but couldn't lie down. 2 weeks after her wounds heeled and she could lie down but still could not use her back legs. I left her with the vet for over a month. She's kept in a small cage and is let out twice a day to do her business. But most of time the vet told me to keep her in the cage so she won't move much to worsen her back. My dad took her back to our house two days ago and he does just like the vet said. I'm just not so sure how long we have to keep her in the cage? Or if she will be able to walk again? Or if there's anything else to do? I live faraway from my dad, so he's taking care of all 6 dogs by himself. I'm not sure if he has all the extra time to look after this poor dog. Somebody suggested taking her to swim. I'm confused on to let her move or not to move.

Thank you.

May 23rd, 2006, 02:12 AM
Ask the vet . . . Call him and ask or visit him. That's the only advice I can give.

May 23rd, 2006, 02:08 PM
With a fractured back, I would follow the instructions of the vet very carefully! Swimming does not sound like a great idea - maybe physiotherapy in a whirlpool (they do that now for pets) but have your vet recommend one. But I am NOT a vet and you really should discuss these issues with a vet!!!!

Good luck!

May 23rd, 2006, 02:22 PM
Your veterinarian is the only one that can give you advice for this problem. Good Luck.:pawprint:

May 23rd, 2006, 06:15 PM
Nothing can replace the advice of your veterinarian because he/she knows exactly what is going on with your dog. But... When my dog was eight months old she was hit by a car, and suffered a broken vertebrae among many other ailments. Her rear end was paralyzed. She had a reconstructive spinal surgery, and we did the kennel crate for 2 months, with short leash walks to the front yard to do her business. She was much younger than your dog, so she was able to heal more quickly. After I had the ok from her neurosurgeon, I started taking her to the lake to swim. No long walks, or strenuous running or jumping for A LONG TIME... She lived a very active life with me, and her back is still healthy now that she is 9 years old. The whirlpool physical therapy is good advice, but only after her vet says it is an option. The surgery I did was very risky, and we were told it might not help her. All in all we are very lucky to have her, and I owe her mobilty to giving her plenty of time to heal. I hope this helps. :fingerscr :fingerscr