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My poor dog! Attacked :(

May 22nd, 2006, 10:15 PM
So my husband and I have been taking our dog to an off leash park for about a month now. Its in another city but has always been worth the drive. Well we went once today and came home, then decided to head up again. Well we were there and my poor boxer pup who just turned 2 got attacked by a Doberman.

The women just stood there yelling at her dog while my husband was running to get our pup. Then she goes "I knew as soon as I saw your boxer my dog would go after him" But she took responsbility for her dog.. so we thought.

I rushed my dog to a vet because his eye was bleeding. $120.00 Emerg vet bill cause everyone was closed.. and I called this women (she gave us her phone number and told us she'd pay for the bill) So I called her and she goes "Well I had 6 people come up to me and say they didn't see my dog bite yours - so I'll only pay half" Then she tried on this "It says Enter At Own Risk" I kindly informed her that the sign meant the city wasn't liable and we as pet owners are"

My dog is so sad right now. I have to give him an oral pill 2 times a day, a liquid pain killer and put a cream right into his eye for like two weeks. :( My poor baby I feel so horrible for him.. I'll never take him there again.

These pics aren't the greastest because obviously we have cleaned him up.. but you can see how inflamed his face is.. a couple you can see the scratches and in one you can see the line behind his ear that is scratched. Then him laying down being a my sucky baby!

May 22nd, 2006, 10:38 PM
:sorry: Poor baby - I hope she feels better soon and won't be traumatized forever because of this horrible incident. And I hope that that irresponsible woman who shouldn't have ANY dogs let alone a Dobie has paid in full PLUS your travel costs or that you have called the police, your lawyer and Animal Services in that City. Negligent, stupid people like that are the reason good people and their inncocent dogs are framed with BSL.

May 22nd, 2006, 10:46 PM
Frankly, the same thing happened at my park last year and both owners split the bill. Why? Because it normally takes two dogs to fight. Unless one is absolutely psycho and charges into the park on a rampage, usually there are signs and reasons for a fight. Once the fight is started, then a dog can get carried away, sure.

What the woman said is so out of context. It could mean so many things. It could mean that the dobie just hates boxers. Is your dog fixed? Because if he isn't, it could mean that her dog doesn't tolerate intact dogs (mine doesn't). It could mean that your dog is one of those young, naively dominant dogs that all the older dogs just don't get along with, but you haven't noticed till now. It could mean that boxers have a funny way of playing that some dogs just don't understand. It could mean so many things. Soooo many. So without the context of that statement and being there to see what actually led to the fight and so on, it's hard to judge the woman based on that sentence.

And she did take responsibility, IMO. She didn't duck away. She didn't give you a fake number. She took the honest road and offered to pay half.

If it was on the street, and both dogs were leashed and hers attacked yours, then yes, she would pay the whole thing. But fights are a part of dog park life, so yes, do enter at your own risk. If her dog had just come in the park and attacked yours out of nowhere, then yes, she should pay in full.

But if they were in there for a while, playing and walking around and got into a skirmish later, then no, she shouldn't pay all, IMO.

What you have to realize is that with a 2 year old dog, dog parks can be harder than you expect. A 2 year old dog is in adolescence. He is going to try to figure out where he stands in the pack, and probably provoke the wrong dogs while he's at it.

On top of that, when you go to a dog park that already has a few dogs in it, you're coming into a pack. Even if they've all been in there less than 5 minutes before you arrived, they're still a pack. As soon as you walk in the door, some basic order gets established based on posture and body language (including yours). The more regularly the dogs see each other, the more they bond and the harder it is to introduce new dogs, especially when they're young and assertive.

Apparently, I could go on forever...:o ;)

May 22nd, 2006, 10:55 PM
I think it's awesome she didn't give you a fake number like many people do.. and that she did offer to pay half. Many people would try to blame you and your dog for the whole ordeal, not that it's right.

May 23rd, 2006, 04:55 AM
A couple things I didn't mention. This dog came in after we were there playing. He tried to attack another dog (a blue healer) so we were about to pack up .. myself and another women looked at eachother and said "I dont like that dog"

Then the women came up to talk to me, her dog ran up to mine jumped in the air at mine .. I asked her two times if her dog was about to bite my dog and called my dog and her dog attacked. My dog is afriad of his own shadow normally. In this point my dog wasn't playing with her dog, even in the slightest when he attacked.

IMO if people are liable for their animals actions in full.. if it was my dog attacking ANYONES dog anywhere I would be responsible for that bill. The only reason she tried to tell me half after offering full was becasue a couple people went to console her who weren't watching and told her they didn't see it happen. The owner even ackknowledged that her dog was fully at fault but because a few people didn't see what happened.. she got snotty. My husband and my Godsons father were both there and my husband had to chase her dog off mine.

My dog is fixed as well. And ANYONE who knows my dog (even older people and people afraid of dogs) will tell you he is harmless and afraid of his own shadow.