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Sick semi-wild cat

May 20th, 2006, 08:34 PM
I have a semi-wild cat that adopted me a year ago, he has suddenly shown up with what I thought was a gunshot wound to his left hind quarter. I am fairly sure it was not a GSW becauase if it was there would have been more damage and an exit wound. He has kept very clean, no infection or drainage. Looks like it tunnels in and downward. That was 2 days ago. He is very thin, still up and about, slight limp. Now today he has another spot on the other side, similar in shape, looks like a 22 cal entry wound, but no exit wound. No visable worms, and I did notice a slight yellow drainage on the first site. I probably will put him down if he continues to get worse. We live in the country, and he is an orphan. I wish I could take him to the vet but that is not an option. I realize that this not much to go on. I was wondering if there are any parasites that could cause this? Thanks in advance!

jesse's mommy
May 20th, 2006, 09:38 PM
There are no vets around? This cat really needs to see a vet immediately. Are you sure you can't get to one? Is there no one you can call?

May 20th, 2006, 10:07 PM
Please take this cat to a vet ASAP .:pawprint:

May 21st, 2006, 09:18 AM
I may be mistaken but a gunshot wound does not have to have an exit wound. Likely, the bullet is still lodged in his leg. Unfortunately, it sounds like someone is using him as target practice. The yellowish substance coming from the wound is plasma. If it turns greenish and thick then it is infected. In any case, he really should be seen by a vet to remove the bullets and to cleanse the wounds. In the meantime, can you put him into a barn or similar enclosure to keep him safe? Are you able to post ads for help on the Yahoo boards or the Petfinder message center?

Best of luck. It sure is hard living out in the country and seeing all of the throw-away animals.

May 21st, 2006, 10:24 AM
It might also be a wound from a fight with either another cat or some other sort of animal. Now that he's injured he's more likely to get very seriously hurt. If you can keep him enclosed somewhere to give it time to heal that would be best, if you can't call City hall and see if there is something they can do.
I too lived in the country and most of the pets I had over the years actually showed up at our door because someone had dumped them off on the road. (one dog, three cats, two large rabbits). There were many more animals over the years on top of the ones my parents let us keep but we either found them homes or had animal control come and pick them up.

May 21st, 2006, 11:12 AM
OMG...poor cat,please don't let him suffer a slow death.:sad:
In a farming community there must be a vet available if he has to be euthanized at least it won't be with a shot to the head:sad:

May 21st, 2006, 12:29 PM
This struck a memory when I read it. I searched back to find this thread involving "wolf worms". Do you have these in your area?

May 21st, 2006, 03:43 PM
Wow Glasslass,good memory:thumbs up I hope the OP will try the ice-cube and if it is wolf-worms,the poor little cat don't have to be shot:sad:

May 21st, 2006, 10:09 PM
well if glasslass is right, I hope the cat gets the proper care for that... in any case i hope the cat gets the proper care...

White Wolf
May 22nd, 2006, 01:23 PM
Please see a vet asap. This is not the place for finding home remedies or bypasses to veterinary care for serious medical issues.