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Sick dog, multiple symptoms, been to vet 2 times already. Please help Volume 2...

May 20th, 2006, 01:18 PM
Now without the use of the thread-locking worthy word..."Screw" :rolleyes:

Took him back to the 1st vet we saw and made sure they focused on the bump on his head. She took a small sample and said it contained fat and blood. She claimed she's not a "scientologist" and that a lady working the next day (today) would have a closer look at it. They prescribed him new meds, an NSAID. So far he seems to be getting by ok. If he doesn't improve more in the next few days they want a full blood panel done (he's only had a mini) and also a biopsy of the lump. We shall see. :fingerscr

Funny thing though, it only cost us $50 this time...Even though we were there the same amount of time as the first time. And it was about $250 that time...:confused: