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Why large dog owners need to be scared

May 19th, 2006, 03:31 PM
This is just an example of how a family who owns a pit bull can be harrassed by a busy body. Now imagine it in a province with a ban.

In this story a dog did bite a family member (not the worst of bites and was destroyed) yet the family was still harrassed.

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Princeton woman gives different take on pit bull tale
Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2006 - 01:44:50 am EDT

Staff writer

PRINCETON-Claims made by a resident who requested that all pit bulls be banned within the city limits were grossly exaggerated at Monday night's city council meeting, said the woman's former neighbor, Rebecca Coomer.

At Monday's city council meeting, Shirley Carey, claimed pit bulls belonging to Brian and Rebecca Coomer are consistently aggressive toward her and other neighbors. Carey also claimed that the Coomers' daughter was attacked by one of the dogs, requiring the child to undergo plastic surgery.

On Tuesday, Coomer said Carey's claims were completely distorted and were part of a pattern of harassment the Coomers have suffered from Carey.

Coomer said her daughter Destiny, 7, was bitten earlier this year by their male pit bull, “Bitty,” when the dog became agitated because the Coomer's female dog, “Lippy,” was in heat. Destiny Coomer suffered small bite wounds and received a few stitches, Coomer said.

After the dog bit the child, Coomer said her family made the painful decision to euthanize the animal.

“They were never violent dogs,” Coomer said, “and we cried for days over the decision, but “Bitty” had to be put down.”

The Coomers' female dog became pregnant, despite their efforts to prevent the dogs from mating, Coomer said. The female dog, “Lippy,” continued to live with the Coomers in a home the family was renting from Coomer's aunt, Mildred Cox.

After Destiny Coomer was bitten, Coomer said Carey began to harass her family about the remaining dog and her puppies.

Coomer said Carey called Gibson County Child Protective Services on numerous occasions, telling the agency Destiny Coomer was in physical danger because of the presence of the dogs.

An investigator came to their home and determined there was no danger, said Coomer.

“The lady who came to our house even interacted with our dog and said there was no danger and she said Shirley (Carey) was harassing us,” Coomer said.

Tammy Williams with Gibson County Child Protective Services said her office does not comment on investigations, even if it is determined there is no case of child endangerment.

Carey said everything she said at the meeting was the truth and Coomer is simply mad because she was forced to move from the home belonging to Cox.

“I never had any trouble with them before, but after the little girl was bit and the dogs would keep me from getting into my home and into my car, I became worried,” Carey said.

Coomer said Carey repeatedly made complaints to Gibson County Animal Services, but she added that officers informed her they had no reason to believe the family's pit bull posed any threat.

Carey continued to harass her family, Coomer claimed, and would spy on them with binoculars. After pestering Cox repeatedly about the pit bulls, Coomer said Carey called her aunt's home owners insurance company.

The insurers told Cox pit bulls were one of the breeds not covered on her home owners policy and Cox was forced to tell the Coomers either they had to get rid of the pit bull and its puppies, or leave the residence.

Coomer said her family had no intention of giving up their dogs and the family hurriedly moved into Sandy Acres Mobile Home Park.

“Because of this woman's (Carey) meddling, our daughter had to switch schools in the middle of the school year, not to mention she was scared the welfare people would take her away from her family,” said Coomer.

At the city council meeting, Coomer claimed Brian Coomer threatened to burn Carey's house down if she did not stop harassing his family.

Coomer said her husband only told Carey, “he wished someone would burn her house down.” She said the Princeton Police Dept. warned Coomer not to make such comments to Carey.

“He shouldn't have said what he said,” Coomer said, “but we were just so frustrated with all the stuff Shirley was putting us through.”

Carey said Coomer did make threats towards her and did say he would burn her house down.

Recently, while the Coomers were moving a load of belongings to their new mobile home, the dog was turned loose by an unknown individual and was found on the front porch of Coomer's former home.

The Princeton Police Dept. were called and Coomer was issued a ticket for having a dog running at large.

“I really believe Shirley had her grandson turn the dog loose and then called the police out of spite,” said Coomer.

Coomer said she felt her family has been through enough without Carey continuing to harass them in a public forum.

“You shouldn't be able to just go to the city council meeting and say a bunch of lies about people,” she said.

May 19th, 2006, 06:35 PM
Stories like this make me want to find ''Grizzly Adams" cabin and move there .

May 19th, 2006, 08:57 PM
Gah. *shakes head*

Even small dog owners have to be concerned with BSL. I am so tired of seeing dog owners support breed bans and act like they'll never be affected by it.

May 22nd, 2006, 12:17 PM
I can't believe what its coming to... they are thinking of banning all these breeds, and my pup could fit in with that- I know they both could...
Shyla is a beautiful dog, and Pepper is a small mixed breed, but they could ban anything... I'm afraid- I just love my puppies too much...