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Hello form Phil in the UK

May 19th, 2006, 04:40 AM
Hi everybody.
My name is Phil, and I run a virtual pet memorial website.
We had the idea after my, then, 12 year old daughter "lost" her favourite budgie, Sparky and we decided to post a tribute online, which led to us creating the website.
We have been running it for about 18 months now and we aim to get it to number 1, so as we can raise lots of money for animal charities and shelters(no-kill policy)

In a very competitive world we are struggling, and are not even meeting the costs of running the website, and I spend many hours trying to improve the site.

For that reason I have posted a message in the Rainbow Bridge forum.Should anybody think it is SPAM, then please remove and accept my sincere apologies beforehand.
Thank You