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My boy won't stop digging!!

May 16th, 2006, 06:38 PM
Hi all!
I am new to the forum but thought I would ask for your advice and opinions!
We have a 7 month old Beagle Australian Shepard X.
He is a wonderful dog and a great part of our family, but he is destroying our yard!:sad:
Rascal at times has to spend time outside on his own, we have 2 young children and can't be with him at all times. He is a mostly indoor dog but does enjoying being in the yard throughout the day. Now, recently we have put down some black tar paper in our garden beds and topped it with bark mulch to help to keep the weeds back. Well as it turns out, Rascal LOVES the paper! He keeps digging and ripping it out and now today, dug up two of the new shrubs. I do realize that digging and tugging are 2 favorite things for puppies, but this is driving me insane! Not only did it cost us a lot of money to fix the yard, but lots of time and energy as well.

Anyone have any wonderful ideas as to how to help him realize that the garden is not his digging grounds?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the rambling!!

May 16th, 2006, 06:43 PM
I am so sorry but I think I posted this in the wrong area!!
I tried to move it or delete it but can't!

May 25th, 2006, 05:05 PM
What I'm trying to do with mine is use pepper flakes. I seeded some of the holes that my dog has dug and put some pepper flakes on it. So far he has not been digging there. You could try a spray bottle of pepper sauce and see if it will help.