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Off leash dogs again

May 12th, 2006, 02:20 PM
I know this topic is getting kind off tired but yesterday I was walking Joey, and we walked by someones house - the owner was in the front doing some gardening and her lab was running up at down the street but pretty much staying close by. This lab came bounding up to Joey - she told me her dog was friendly - I had to tell her Joey wasnt always friendly with her dogs - she tried to call her dog off but he still wanted to check Joey out. Joey actually ended up growling and snapping at her dog. I corrected Joey but I think this situation is unfair to Joey and me.

Just to ease the tension a bit I made a comment that she had a nice dog - the owner of the dog then made a condescending comment to me - "well you have a nice looking dog" -

Then the day before a dog actually escaped from his yard and came running after Joey - the dog left us alone after I told him to go home. It seems like I cant take Joey for a walk without some dog either being off leash or not in his yard - I have tried different routes but the same thing usually happens on our walks - sometimes more than once. :D :evil:

May 12th, 2006, 04:06 PM
When I walk Bailey,I am always worried about other dogs,I don't really know what I should do,should another dog approach Bailey,she is not all that well socialized with other dogs.
One lady on our route has a beautiful BIG Malamute always loose when she is gardening,he started running towards us and it scared the heck out of me,but he was very obedient,turned right around when the owner called.

May 12th, 2006, 05:31 PM
Actually I just took Joey for a little walk a moment ago - The people on the corner have a lab that is usually on a chain - this time he wasn't and he came running after Joey - he wasnt being friendly either his fur was totally standing on end - Joey was barking back at him - I quickly picked Joey up in my arms and quickly walked home - only three houses down.

Not sure if picking Joey up is a good idea - wasnt sure what else I should do -The whole thing really freaked me out! :eek:

May 12th, 2006, 06:45 PM
I'd like to know how Joey reacts now. I can trace Laceys aggressiveness toward other dogs directly to a similar incident, I snached her out of harms way. And ever since she's the one to react badly to new dogs. It's like she has to get the first growl in.

May 12th, 2006, 07:20 PM
I guess only time will tell - I have been working on Joeys agression with other dogs - he seems ok with some dogs and not with others ie he is ok with same size or smaller female dogs - unpredictable with larger female dogs -unpredictable with smaller male dogs - and does not like larger male dogs at all - I have gotten to the point where I can make Joey sit - while the other dog walks by fairly closely - he usually sits and whimpers and is dying to go see the dog. I have learned though if I let him he is fine for a few moments then will just turn, growl and snap and the other dog. Maybe he had a bad experience in his past I dont know.

So these off leash dogs really are not helping at all - perhaps I should make Joey sit - this particular dog though was going for Joey so I wasnt about to let him get eaten.

May 12th, 2006, 07:57 PM
Grrrr.. I know exactly what you mean JEC,
Dory got into a situation last week, I did my best to take Dory away from it, I had my stroller and my eldest daughter I actually had to walk Dory up a hill to get away from a huge doberman. The guy must have thought I was afraid of the dog and for some jerk reason decided to let his dog get closer to mine. I said no my dog isn't friendly, as I always warn people with dogs, but he still put his dog into my dogs face. The doberman started to bark and snarl at her and she growled and snapped at his nose. The dog was still barking and snarling when he dragged it past my kids, oh I was sooo mad. Any number of things could have happened, I'm glad that none of them did. He yelled back at me, your dog bit my dog, but she didn't she just snapped at him, I told him that after I dragged my dog up a hill to get away from hiis that he should have just kept walking, it wasn't 'cause I was afraid of your dog, but I was worried about mine being mean. She's tiny but doesn't act like it.