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Talking about the #2

May 11th, 2006, 05:59 PM
I have a fenced in backyard. I let Al out in the mornings, I try to walk him if I can but honestly, that's all he gets most days since mommy wakes up so late. He does get a gorgeous 45 minute walk in the park mid-day with his dogwalker..then another one at night when i get home..I had surgery on Monday and could barely walk, however I cancelled my dogwalker to save some money (it's $50 a week) and I figured as long as I keep letting him out in the yard that was sufficient. Well, I stayed home on Tuesday too and did the same. Wednesday when she walked him she told me he pooped like 6 times!!! She told me he was 'full' and really had to go!!
Now I feel really guilty, I let him out, even if he didn't ask to, about 4 times a day while i was home, sometimes he'd stay out 20 minutes or more. He lets himself in when he's prince has all the freedom in the world! :king: We have a big yard and there's tons of bushes, and trees to explore or a pigeon to chase...granted I wasn't up to walking too much so I didn't stay outside with him and i don't know if he 'went' or not. He averages 3 poops a day....
So am I a bad mommy? Do any of you just let them out in the yard sometimes..or is a walk an absolute necessity everyday?
I know there are tons of benefits to walking besides them 'going'...exercise, fresh air, bonding..but was this just a bad move?? I don't plan on making this a regular thing of course...but i feel super guilty!

We're both back to normal now btw!

May 11th, 2006, 08:35 PM
I dont think thats bad as long as he has room to run and play and you spend time with him,.

May 11th, 2006, 08:53 PM
How much does he poop on a walk usually?

This past month I've been a super good Mommy trying to get in a walk and a ball playing session or two walks in a day, but there are days that there is just no more time left in the day, like getting in from work at 10:15pm last night, and still needing dinner.. So the yard is all she gets, and I notice a difference in how hyper she is..

She poops a few times a day at home.. but on a walk she seems to empty out. Like 2 or 3 poops per walk. I've been told it is the activity. Cleans them out. But 6 times in one walk if it isn't usual, is a little odd.

Even if we walk twice a day, there's probably 2 poops per walk.. but they get smaller down to so small it's barely a poop..

Lucky Rescue
May 11th, 2006, 09:28 PM
I have a huge forest for a yard, and often my dog will not go when she's out there by herself, unless it's urgent.

She can be out for hours, then go when I take her for her walk. OR I can take her down to the end of my property and tell her to go.

She goes once a day, or maybe twice tops. How much are these dogs eating, and what kind of food to make them go so many times?

May 11th, 2006, 09:36 PM
Ya gotta move to make a movement ! Dogs have to walk and run and not just to get rid of the ya-ya's - the less activity our doggies get the more sluggish their insides get. A backyard is great, lots of smells and things to check out - for about 10 minutes...then they get lonely and there is nothing fun to they wait until you come get them so they can be where the action is - with YOU! So, I'm not surprised your baby was all stopped up. If you are in a similar situation - maybe you could play something which allowed you to sit but caused him to run.

May 11th, 2006, 09:39 PM
We've been on iams, nutro, wysong, canidae, wellness and solid gold. For her weight, It's 1.5 cups of wolf king a day, and since I use a single serving yogurt cup as a scoop I feed a little less than that.

I've taken poop to the vet, and consulted a few breeders I look up to. I've been told that activity can cause poopyness, and don't think there's much I can do about it. On a walk the first poop is always normal, and then they get smaller as the poop goes on.. If you don't walk her, she doesn't poop so much.. but that's not a solution.