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Dog attacks herself when touched.

December 29th, 2003, 01:04 PM
I have a 4 year old, female, mixed breed, Shar-Pei/Shepard who weighs about 65 lbs. She is neutered and is current on all her shots. She has had a problem since she was young and it has been getting progressively worse. She gets irritated and attacks her rear end. She starts to growl and then will race around in circles snapping at her hindquarters. She originally did it only when someone bumped in to her, or would step on or close to her hindquarters. However now, she will start doing it even if someone touches her anywhere on her body, including her head. She has not ever tried to bite anyone, but the snapping and growling are pretty scary, and we're afraid someone may get hurt. We have been using Advantage flea treatment. When we first spoke to her vet about it, they suggested it may be allergies and suggested we change her food, which we did. She has been on a lamb and rice dog food for about three years. Unfortunately, both my husband and myself are unemployed at the time, so a vet visit is not feasible at this time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

December 29th, 2003, 01:33 PM
Does the skin look red or peely? Is it dry and flaking?

She could have skin condition from allergy or other reason

Try some cod liver oil capsuls one a day in the food, OMEGA 3 fatty acids are essential for dogs.

Do you bath her often? Dogs don't need to be bathed often at all, it takes away the natural oils from their skin and coats. Also are you sure it's not fleas? Look for flea dirt!

Sounds like the skin is very sensitive to touch.

Go though your cleaning supplies and check out the labels.

Start using natural products for cleaning, get rid of any harful chemicals or fragrant sprays like febreeze they all suck!!

Wash your floors with natural cleansers, steam clean your carpets with hot water to get out anything thats inbedded in the fibres.

Wash her bedding with a fragrance free detergent and NO fabric softener!


Good luck