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Finding and recovery of a lost dog

May 7th, 2006, 09:39 AM
Finding a lost Dog

This 2 part article is written by Micheal McCann who has been involve in several lost greyhound searches many of them very shy or scared and there fore very difficult to recover, he provide advice in how to locate the dog in the first part of the article and then in the second part dicussess methods of capture. Many dogs will become very scare when lost, some will have people abuse them when thy across them by throwing things at them, so they tend to become fearful of people and will even sometimes refuse to go to their owners. So this info can be very helpful. He has given permission to cross post

His method has been used successfully to capture 2 very shy dogs in Ontario

one method is by live trap, should any ever need a large live trap in southern Ontario one can be rented from
Hillside Kennels Animal Control
766038 Township Road 5

They are not easy to find you may need to contact several Animal contol offices before being able to locate one