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My cat having trouble with back legs

May 5th, 2006, 01:26 PM
Hi, 1st time here, hope I'm in the right place. My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is 9 and to get a regimen in place is going to be very costly. She has liver problems as well but vet said that it was secondary to the diabetes. Decided to try diet change for a week and see if her condition as far as excessive drinking or peeing improved. She has been on a mainly fish diet. Her hard food (maxcat lite) is still available if she wants it. This week I noticed her having a hard time getting up and down off things. Yesterday she had a hard time getting out of her litter box (really) Today I notice she only walks 6 or 7 steps and then lays down again. Her steps are labored. She is eating, peeing and purring. Is the leg problem likely to do with the diabetes or the liver problem, or is it unrelated. Anyone got any ideas. Monika

May 5th, 2006, 09:22 PM
diabetes can cause neuropathy, damage to nerves, and it is most common in the lower extremities in people, I'm not sure about cats, you should call your vet or schedule an appointment. It is most likely that her blood sugar is high and needs to be controlled. Are you checking her blood sugar often to make sure you have the right dose of insulin? High blood sugar is very dangerous, and can eventually lead to liver and kidney failure, among many other things. Good luck with everything, it takes a little while to get the medications right, but once you do you can give her a better quality of life, and a longer life too!!