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RAW, processed, homecooked??!

May 5th, 2006, 11:32 AM
i have two dogs, one with a chronic hepatitis who i homecook for. i feed my other dog 'go natural'. i am feeling more and more guilty that he is getting kibble as i want the very best for him. NOW...i must be honest, i am not really willing to double the amount of homecooking i do. i puree veggies, etc, etc and frankly, it is very time consuming.
what to do? what to feed that is time efficient and better for him? i am reluctant to go raw - it seems so confusing to do it right. and when i did a dehydrated food called urban wolf he loved it but got so lean, despite how much i fed, i think maybe as there are no grains in it? i know dogs don't need grain but.....
this question has been asked so many times, sorry, folks, i am torturing myself.

May 5th, 2006, 01:19 PM
well, rawfeeding is only as complicated as you want to make it :rolleyes:

I used to follow the BARF approach but found it a) too time-consuming and b) dog did not do well on all those veggies & grains. so i opted for the "prey diet" approach and it is working wonders.

-you buy stuff in bulk when on sale (whole chickens, turkeys, or parts thereof, pork, beef, goat, lamb, organ meats, whole raw fish, etc) and freeze in portions you feel comforatable with. I fill a large ziplok and that will last a few days. meats individually packaged on styrofoam trays goes directly in the freezer.
-i defrost overnight in my sink, and hand chunks of meat with bones to my dog twice per day. that's it! dogs do not need veggies and neither of my pooches will touch a fruit or a veggie anyways, so there. (grin)
-examples are bone-on pork roasts, chicken legs, half a chicken, a chunk of turkey breast (all with bone), a big chunk of beef heart, a pork tongue, a few raw fish, a few turkey necks if feeding only meat...
-i cook the organ meat cuz my dogs hate it raw (pork & kidneys from various animals), it's about 10% of their diet.
-they get plenty of eggs both raw & cooked, canned fish with yogurt is a treat once a week, i freeze stale whole-wheat bread and they love their "frozen snack" every morning, sometimes with peanut-butter, sometimes with cream cheese, most of the time plain
-if you want them to eat grains, cook up a batch in tasty broth and feed it as dessert, mixed with cottage cheese or yogurt... feed them leftover veggies from you dinner plate if you like... notice the absense of labor-intensive anything here? LOL
-i give SOME supplements about 4 times/week: Ester-C, Vit E and Fish Oil for Omega-3.

homecooking, on the other hand, is more labor-intensinve (all that cooking! chopping! peeling! mixing! measuring! supplementing! etc)

good luck! :crazy:

May 5th, 2006, 01:26 PM
I home cook in a large pot and do it at one time for several days.

It is really very easy.

Select a meat, cut it up and boil it. If you are not wanting to use fresh veggies every time just buy frozen (peas, carrots) and add in some pasta or rice and some potato.

If you add garlic powder to the food it is a natural flea and mosquito repellant.

I supplement with yogurt and sardines (canned) for calcium.