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My dog has a growth behind last molar

May 4th, 2006, 11:05 AM
Hi, I have a nine-year-old lab/retriever mix with a small 2cm growth behind her last upper molar. It is abnormal in shape, and solid, no infection. She had a slab fracture of her 2nd to last molar, and it was removed about 3 years ago. When they sutured it closed there was a small piece of the mucosa caught in the suture. I noticed this growth about 3 weeks ago. It doesn't seem to be causing her any pain, as she is still eating well. She has occasional vomiting after eating grass at the park, and normal stools. She was diagnosed 9/2005 with an idiopathic facial palsy, similar to Bell's Palsy, and has since regained feeling in the left side of her face. Since then I noticed this growth, which is incidently on her left side. It has not grown since I noticed it. She is due to have a dental cleaning in 5 months, but I'm not sure if I should wait that long to have it biopsied. Thanks for any advice you have, she is my heart.

May 4th, 2006, 11:22 AM
please do not wait that long, a friend of mine just had the same thing done to her 2 yr old BMD... it needs to be checked ASAP.

May 4th, 2006, 11:32 AM
Do you know what they found with your friend's dog? I WILL take her in to have this checked. I'm in nursing school, with no income, and I would appreciate any direction.. Also if anyone knows any good vets in the orange county, ca area, I just moved here and was not happy with the vet I took her to. Thanks.

May 4th, 2006, 12:17 PM
it was a tumor. malignant, but a tumor. do you know anyone there that has a really good vet. Find a vet that can pay in installments, makes it that much easier

May 4th, 2006, 01:58 PM
Please do not wait, there is always the possiblity that it is cancer, and catching early enough can make the difference between life and death.

Will be praying that it is nothing serious

May 5th, 2006, 01:49 AM
Thanks for the advice. I am in the process of finding a good vet down here. She has had the same vet for the last nine years before I moved, and the last one I took her to here charged me $1500 and told me he didn't know what was wrong. So, hopefully I can find another great vet SOON!!

May 10th, 2006, 03:49 PM
Bad news... The tumor was removed yesterday, it was very small on the surface, but extending into deep tissue, and her soft palate. She is recovering, and acting her normal happy self, but the vet seems to think it is malignant. I am waiting for the pathology report, it's going to be a long weekend. Does anyone have any experience with chemo/radiation? I would like to know if it was successful for anyone, and what side effects their dogs or cats experienced. Also costs... I really love my dog, and I have given her a wonderful life so far, I'm not ready to say goodbye, but I also don't want to be selfish and make her suffer through her last days.

Lucky Rescue
May 10th, 2006, 05:16 PM
I'm not ready to say goodbye, but I also don't want to be selfish and make her suffer through her last days.

That is always the dilemma. We have to set aside what we want and do what is kindest and best. To me, quality of life is paramount, more important than quantity.

Why don't you wait until you find out what the prognosis is, then decide what to do. In the meantime if your dog is happy and not in pain, just enjoy each day and spoil her rotten.

May 14th, 2006, 04:54 PM
We got the pathology report and its horrible news. She has an intermidiate stage, oral malignant melanoma, and the vet told us there are no treament options. He said this type of cancer is unresposive to chemo/radiation, and the excision was unsuccessful. We have been informed that the tumor will come back in her mouth and has probably already spread to her lymph nodes/lungs/brain/ and or liver. I am in complete shock. She is still very healthy and happy, and runs 15 miles weekely with us (not since the surgery as she is recovering), swims in the ocean almost every day, and is having no signs or symptoms of a failing body. The vet told me we have weeks, maybe a couple months left with her. I have recently moved, and I called her long time vet with the details and she is researching for us if there are any other options. I have been through more than I can explain with this dog, and would do anything for her. I have never lost a pet before and I am devastated. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, I could really use it. Here is a picture of my beatiful girl.

Lucky Rescue
May 14th, 2006, 05:09 PM
I have never lost a pet before and I am devastated. If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, I could really use it. Here is a picture of my beatiful girl.

Even for those of us who have lost many, it never gets easier.

I"m so very sorry for your pain, but think your vet gave you good advice re: the prognosis.

I"m sure you would do anything for this little girl who you love so much, but sometimes all that is left for us to do is give them a gentle and dignified passing when their lives become a burden to them.

She is indeed a lovely girl, and a VERY lucky one to have someone who cares so much about her.


May 14th, 2006, 08:09 PM
I am so sorry for what has happened to your sweet girl. I know this isn't any consolation to know that 9 years is a full life for many larger dogs. She's had a wonderful, loving life with you. My only advise is to make the most of the time you have left together. Make memories together and make it as easy as possible for her. You'll know when the quality of life is no longer there. This is the hardest part of having beloved pets. Be there for her. My heart is just aching for you both.:sad:

May 15th, 2006, 12:20 AM
I'm so sorry! Poor doggy and poor you! That must be truly devastating. :sad: :grouphug: It's hard to admit, but you have time to say good bye, which is a plus... sort of... Make the most of your time left with her.:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

May 15th, 2006, 11:59 AM
I am sorry this has happened. I echo the sentiments of the other posters - enjoy the time you have left with your pup - you will know when the time comes to let go. I have wonderful memories of the last 10 months I had post-surgery with my little Dachshund and I wouldn't trade them for anything. But when the time comes, depending on how pain presents, you may have to act very fast to limit suffering so please be ready to do the hardest thing of all - pretend to be cheerful - not sure your dog will be fooled, but it will help. I hope you have at least as long as I did.

May 16th, 2006, 11:35 AM
Thank you so much for everyone's kind words. I'm spoiling her rotten, and just trying trying to live in the moment with her for now. Everyone's support has been so helpful for me, The last week has been a roller coster of emotions, and its so nice to know that people truely care.