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Ebby has come home

May 2nd, 2006, 12:57 PM
I brought Ebby back from the vet yesterday. He has a middle ear infection which makes him list and stagger and ultimately fall down. It should resolve by itself, but he's taking antibiotics anyway (vets seem to throw around antibiotics like regular doctors, I find, but that's another thread).
Such a purry boy, very happy on his heating pad in the bathroom (useful for sick kitties in cold rooms or frightened new rescues; couldn't live without my heating pads).
He drags himself to the litter box, hurls himself over the side, and even digs before and after. It's a sight to see.
So far, aggression from the other cats is minimal, we'll see what happens when he's healthy.
Did I mention he needs a home? His coat is beginning to grow back where he was shaved, but not what you would call a raving beauty. But a very sweet, head-butting boy.